Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, No. 7

Thirteen of Sadie's Pet Peeves
(thanks to Neila for this idea)
  1. Misuse of the word "anxious" when the proper choice is "eager." There is a difference! If you're anxious to do something, then don't be mad when I'm late.
  2. Gum popping and other mouth noises. I know I've harped about that before, but it really really bugs me. Just keep your lips together, is that really so hard?
  3. When someone who knew me in college refuses to stop talking about those phenomenally stupid things I did. Yeah, I know it was really funny that time when I did that thing. But let's move on, wanna? Besides, I haven't taken off my shirt in public in a really, REALLY long time.
  4. People who think all lawyers are rich. Or evil. Cause we're certainly not.
  5. Missing the previews when I go the movies. The previews are an essential part of the whole movie-going experience. If I'm not going to make it in time to see the previews, I just don't go.
  6. When someone says "Where's it at?" It's not any easier to say "Where's it at?" than it is to say "Where is it?" I just don't understand the attraction. "Where's it located at?" is even more confounding. That's a whole extra syllable! Just stop talking after the word "located." Really.
  7. When someone in a movie or on TV addresses one person with the word "y'all." "Y'all" is not just a southernism for "you" at any time, only if the "you" is plural. It's short for "you all." It should be used when addressing more than one person. That's the beauty of "y'all," it clarifies whether you're speaking just to me or to everyone.
  8. When some unscheduled event causes my TV shows to be on at a time other than originally scheduled and my DVR doesn't know it. If the President's going to come on and mess with my very precariously balanced TV schedule, then someone needs to update the Interactive Guide so my DVR and I know what's going on.
  9. Sexist TV commercials. Right now there's a cell phone ad airing where the husband is strapped to a chair in torment watching his wife and daughters yap-yap-yap their cell phone minutes into overage, and thus big bills for HIM to pay. There was one for a local grocery store that appalled me. The wife is listing the things she needs for a party, and after each item, the husband says "[Name of Store]." And she's all, "Why do you keep saying [Name of Store]?" And he says, "[Name of Store] has everything you need, at a price I can afford." WTF? I also hate the ones with men who are stupid or can't load a dishwasher or don't know how to microwave macaroni or whatever. I'm just glad that choosy Dads also choose Jif now.
  10. Watching most anything on television live (i.e., not on the DVR). I'm constantly reaching for the remote to fast forward through commercials and boring bits. I don't think we watch anything while it's actually on anymore. Even football-- they have so many commercials, and games go much faster when you can skip the time between each play, not to mention missing the lame jibber jabber of the announcers.
  11. Having to answer the phone without seeing the Caller ID first. Sometimes when the phone rings, Mr. Incredible looks at the caller ID, pushes "talk," and hands it to me without telling me who it is. There is no pattern to this. It could be someone he knows I want to talk to (even then I like to be prepared), but he also does it when he doesn't recognize the number. This is how I end up answering poll questions for fifteen minutes or buying something I don't need or donating money we don't have!
  12. Regional broadcasting of football games. I miss a lot of Panthers games because the folks at FOX and CBS think I should want to watch some other team. I know I'm geographically closer to the hometowns of the Titans, the Rams, the Saints, the Bengals, and the Cowboys, even. But geography does not dictate loyalty!
  13. Spending time with people I don't like. Life is too short! I'd rather stay home and watch TV with Mr. Incredible than hang out with people I don't enjoy. I'm not going to be rude or hurt people's feelings, but I don't want to waste time developing friendships with people I, well... don't care to be friends with.

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ali said...

my brother in law says "your guys'es" as in "where is your guys'es car?" instead of just saying your. i can't handle it!

Trish said...

I think... You're me!!

Happy TT!
I played too.

Morgen said...

Great list of peeves!
I knew as soon as I saw the title that gum popping would make the list!

Daphne's is now up, too, at Purrchance to Dream

metro mama said...

I hate #11 too.

Cheysuli said...

Actually Sadie, I think you are much less easily annoyed that I...

Alissa said...

#2 definitely bugs me!!!! Especially people who chew with their mouth open. Sound and visual pollution!
And #13 is SO TRUE.
Happy TT!

Carmen said...

i think the "y'all" thing depends on where in the south you are, and how redneck you are. ;)

Celfyddydau said...

great list. I also watch more recorded programmes than live ones and keep reaching for the remote in the commercials.

Where I live in England a lot of people say yous instead of you for plural and it really grates with me.

eg. "where are yous going?"

JO said...

great list!

Nikki said...

i agree with #5, i just feel bummed when that happens...# 8 pisses my mom off too hahaha. and 13---right on. people think i'm NOT friendly...but I am really. it's just that, i'm not TOO friendly that i have to go out of my way to meet new people again and get to know them again just because i have to? no way...i choose the people i want to be friends with.

anyway happy TT! great list! mine's up, drop by if u can =P

Sarah said...

It is really hard living in New Orleans to not say "Where you at?" because IT IS EVERYWHERE. I've even said it on occasion. They call the locals "Yats" because of it.


I feel the opposite as you about previews though. I purposely go to the movies 15 minutes late to miss them.

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree with #6 but have to say that "ya'll" can be singular and "all ya'll" is plural LOL Have a great day!

Southern Girl said...

Re: #9 -- absolutely! And yes, it's wonderful that choosy Dads choose Jif, but I swear, I want to reach through the television and smack that mouthy little girl who says "That's silly!" when her choosy dad is talking about folding his PB sandwich over because that's how his dad did it. Wanna smack her and pull her hair! *g*

Neila said...

I am with you on so many of these!

#5 - I am definitely a preview lover. Many times, the previews are better than the movie!

#6. I agree! Sentence structure, people! It's not that difficult!

#8. Considering, I schedule my time around Lost and Prison Break, I feel the urge to physically hurt someone if it is interrupted. National disaster? Who freakin cares!! I need my Wentworth Miller!

#11. When my husband does this, I find it sad that I can't recognize my friends' voices. I am that dependent on Caller ID!

Great TT, Sadie!! I always love reading your blog!!!

scribbit said...

I'm with you on anxious/eager and y'all. And I HAVE to see the previews or I feel cheated. You sound like a real English major/kindred spirit.

DKRaymer said...

Ooh, you picked some good ones. I'm a writer, therefore a grammer snob. I really want to correct people when I hear them butcher the language, but I hold my tongue and remind myself there are far worse evils in the world. (I also find dark chocolate helps.)
Happy TT!

DKRaymer said...

Ooh, you picked some good ones. I'm a writer, therefore a grammer snob. I really want to correct people when I hear them butcher the language, but I hold my tongue and remind myself there are far worse evils in the world. (I also find dark chocolate helps.)
Happy TT!

N. Mallory said...

OMG! #8! I gave up trying to record Cold Case and now Without A Trace on Sunday nights thanks to stupid sports. I don't know how any shows stay in the ratings in those time slots.

Great list of peeves! Happy TT!

Tina said...

Oooo do we get ANNOYED by some of the same things.
#1--I teach freshman comp at a college in Boston and I've had to explain this to the Little Darlings before. You get ANXIOUS because you have ANXIETY. Anxiety is not good...therefore becoming anxious is NOT a pleasent experience to be anticipated.

#4--to those that want to continually rehash college. Dude, I was there. I saw.

#8--I don't have DVR, but I still hate when me regular programing (of which there is practically none these days) is interrupted. I know I should care about things like The State of Our Union but I'm sorry... Wentworth Miller is much MUCH more important.

#9--I've SEEN that commercial. I hate it. HATE. IT. Seriously, I know boys who like to talk on the ph one more than most the girls I know.

#13--life is too short.

Great TT.

Latte said...

Hi, we didn't realize Merlin's Mom had a blog. Our moms sound very familiar. Especially about the DVR. We're always hearing bleep...bleep. She doesn't watch anything live. The Chip Man records every freaking football game on Sunday so I don't think they miss many of them.

Bobby Griffin said...

Hey Sadie,

I think in the process of switching over to Blogger Beta, you may have lost the link to my site. If you don't add it back, I'll have to remove you from the directory (which would be a shame, because I really like your blog!).

Please email me at to let me know what's goin on.

Wacky Mommy said...

Excellent! I can't stand the phrase "your guys'es" either.

Jenny Ryan said...

#8-HATE that!

Thanks for visiting me :)

Anonymous said...
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Gregory said...

Good list of peeves, but the first commercial you mention in #9 totally happens to my father and my wife's father regularly. It's stereotypical but at least occasionally true, no? I still see what you're saying, though. Nice blog!

Matt said...

I totally agree with your #5 about missing movie previews. There's something reassuring about getting so engrossed in previews that you're pleasantly surprised when the movie begins. It's like finding an extra twenty in your pocket.

Great list and I like the rest of your blog too.