Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, No. 8

Thirteen Things On My Desk (or credenza) right now

  1. Pictures: my wedding, my cat, my niece (the cutest child ever), and one from law school graduation of me, my parents, my sister, and BIL. Update: moved to #1 per Cheysuli's reprimand
  2. A half empty bottle of Dasani.
  3. A Kellogg's Special K snack bar. Vanilla crisp flavor. Yum.
  4. My phone, iPod, and palm pilot.
  5. A Mr. Incredible toy with a light on its chest. It lights when you squeeze it.
  6. A candle that smells like mulled cider. I don't have to light it the smell is so strong. It reminds me of fall.
  7. A framed four-leaf clover.
  8. My new track-ball mouse (love it!)
  9. A candy dish full of Crystal Light sugar-free candy. I don't think I'll ever have to refill it, the candy doesn't seem to be a big hit.
  10. A giant University of Memphis ceramic mug. I use it as a book end.
  11. Another Univeristy of Memphis mug. This one has a pewter "Alumni" thingie on it. I use it for coffee drinking.
  12. The University of Memphis 2006 football schedule. Just to make me sad.
  13. A Selkirk blown glass spherical paperweight that everyone thinks is a snowglobe. They pick it up, try to shake it, and find out it's really heavy. I got it for law school graduation from my Godparents. It's entitled "Celebration." Update: I have taken a picture with my phone, and I emailed to myself. When it finally comes through I will post it! Update update: Ha! I learned Bluetooth!

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Shoshana said...

The paperweight, I'd like to see.

Morgen said...

Actually, I'd like to see a pic of the paperweight, too.
Crystal Light candy sounds ick -- give me Hershey's Special Dark anyday!

Daphne's TT#5 is up at Purrchance To Dream

Carmen said...

my desk has got my photographs plastered all over from my trips. Helps me get through until the next trip. :)

Momish said...

That paperweight is amazing! I'd eat your candy if I was there!

Shoshana said...

Oh, thank you! I love it. I like glass paperweights. I can't own them yet. I have 4 boys who toss everything for fun!

Cheysuli said...

Merlin's photo is not until #3?!!! He ought to be #1!

MommyBa said...

You have interesting things on your desk :)

Happy Thursday!

amy said...

good list...very interesting

Southern Girl said...

Ooo, I love that paperweight! I know what you mean about picking one of those up and being surprised at how heavy it is -- I love the feel of one in my hand.

Great list!

scribbit said...

I wish I had a desk. A laptop and a lap, but be glad for that, right?

Sarah said...

Haha. I did this as a TT once. It was gross. Because my desk is gross.

Morgen said...

hello -- wondering what to post for Friday?
well, you've been tagged for a Weird Meme at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Morgen said...

LOVE the paperweight
I have several blown glass paperweights in a small collection

ali said...

you have a much more exciting desk than i...

slackermommy said...

Sounds very neat and orderly. Mine is as messy as my car.

Measi said...

that paperweight is beautiful! :) And for a moment, I read it as your cat being on your desk (to which I thought... yep, sounds right!). Happy T13- mine's up too!

DKRaymer said...

Great list. Wonderful desk. I'm sure Merlin would like to see some kitty treats in that candy dish. Happy TT and have a wonderful weekend!

Chelle Y. said...

You are the second TT I read today who listed things on their desk. I would be ashamed to list what is on mine! Nothing bad, just clutter!

Sunflower said...

Hello, I am also paritcipating in Thursday Thirteen. Welcome to my Sunflower blog and leave your link there this Thursday!