Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blog Break

This blog will be going private soon. Not because I'm excluding anyone, I'm just taking a break from blogging and I'm not sure what I want to do with this blog. I don't want to delete it, I don't want to leave it up either.

So if anybody out there still reads, don't think you're left out when you try to come back and you can't get in. Nothing's going on in here. :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I wish I had something more profound to say

So I've been thinking about Taylor Bradford, the University of Memphis student killed on campus, since Monday, and I felt like I should say something about it, but I didn't know what... I'm sorry if this is disjointed, it's just a gathering of my various streams of thought.

There are people who have said that this student athlete's murder would not have made national news were he not a football player. I don't agree. As a former band geek, I have traditionally been overly sensitive to athletes' special treatment, and I just don't see it here. Especially in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, this would be news. Admittedly, it did receive more coverage given that ESPN was in town last night to broadcast a game-- a game scheduled oddly on Tuesday that coincidentally fell the night following the murder of a player. The emotion was higher and the tributes more powerful than they would have been had the game not been played til Saturday. But this guy? He wasn't (as far as anyone knows) murdered for being a football player. He was just a guy, apparently a really nice one, and he got shot on his way to get chicken wings.

I think about the fact that I lived in the very on-campus apartment complex in which this shooting occurred when I was an 18 year old freshman at the U of M. What would I have felt had this happened during that time? Would I be comforted by the fact that this is presumed to be a targeted shooting and not a random act of violence? Maybe. Maybe I would have returned to classes yesterday without concern for my own safety. However, while the police seem convinced that the shooting was not random, they also seem to have no clue who did it or why.

It makes me angry that the response of some people was, "well, there's Memphis for you." What? Cause students are shot and killed regularly on the U of M campus? No, I don't think so. I know that many people take great pleasure in pointing out Memphis' flaws, and it is a violent city, but campus murders just don't fall into that category. Campus is supposed to be different. Campus is supposed to be sacred. Maybe it's naive of me to think that about an urban University, especially one so open to outsiders.

I'm proud of my hometown. I didn't leave Memphis because of its ridiculous politics, because I hated it, because it was too violent, or even because of The Hot. And I refuse to think that Memphis has gotten to the point that this kind of thing is expected or usual or "normal." I hope that Memphians will support the U of M in doing whatever it needs to do to make the campus and its students safe.

That is all.

Monday, September 24, 2007

What's sad is they probably really needed to say this

From my iPhone user manual:

Handling iPhone
Do not drop, disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave,
incinerate, paint, or insert foreign objects into iPhone.

Friday, August 31, 2007

I miss you, college football

It struck me the other day. Here, in the middle of Colorado, hours from Boulder, or Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs. Here I am hours from college football. And, I don't want to offend any of my new fellow Coloradoans, but... I'm thousands of miles from the BEST college football. Southern college football. Marching bands that all have names including the word "South" (Mighty Sound of the South, Pride of the Southland, Pride of the South). Dance lines with names like "The Dixie Darlings." Crazy manic fans, singing songs I love to hate (ahem, "Rocky Top"), or spraining their wrists to shake that cowbell just a little louder, or wearing pigs on their heads and hollering "Pig Soooie." I could be wrong, but I just don't see it happening here, where at a recent local high school football game there was the notable absence of both band and cheerleaders. Seriously.

Anyway, I was wallowing in self pity when I read this article and it just made me feel worse.

For example:

The entire South is about ready to explode as summer ends and autumn begins. Football's coming. The preseason magazines appear. Wallet-sized schedules materialize on gas station counters. Meals out are eaten over the soundtrack of folks predicting wins and losses -- and not just sports fans with fantasy teams and chicken wing sauce on their chins. No, grandmothers in Chanel and pearls get worked up -- I mean fired up, brother -- about beating LSU.


I love most everything about Southern football, but more than anything else, I love for it to begin. This year, the twinges hit hard in mid-July. A work trip takes me to Cayce, near the South Carolina campus, where I find myself sitting at the counter of a local restaurant called the Kingsman. It's one of those places that seems as if it has been there forever, like the planets, or Styrofoam. I order a pimento cheeseburger. The Kingsman's famous for these gobs of cholesterol-laden goodness. They're messier than a small-town divorce, but damn, they're good. A woman works a hot griddle covered in sizzling, dancing meat. Then, apropos of nothing, she turns to a waitress who's calling in an order. The spirit's in her. And it's got to come out.

"Only 52 more days 'til football!" she hollers.

They've both stopped work for a moment. The waitress shakes her head.

"It's 51!" she hollers back.

The wait is almost over.

And also:

I love how people who get it are standing up in their office chairs right now ready to get it on and people who don't are scratching their heads and wondering what in the hell is wrong with these rednecks.

I get it. I'll be up and in front of College GameDay at like 8am tomorrow (Mountain time zone, you know). And I'll be living vicariously through those of you who will be there, so, holler extra loud for me, and if anybody asks, "What's the good word?" Give them the answer from me:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Scattergories meme

Jazper, my favorite shop kitty, tagged me! I get to do a meme!

RULES: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name? Sadie

4 letter word: Sled (this did mean an actual four letter word right? Not a curse word? Cause I'm saving that for the end)

Vehicle: Subaru

TV Show: Sunday Night Football

City: Seattle

Boy Name: Sam

Girl Name: Sarah

Alcoholic Drink: Smirnoff

Occupation: Shop Cat!

Something you wear: Socks

Celebrity: Streisand

Food: Spaghetti

Something found in a bathroom: Shower

Reason for being late: Slowness

Cartoon Character: Snow White

Something You Shout: Shit!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wish he was wearing it

I love it!

There is a Michael Vick Suspension Petition, sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States, and directed toward the NFL Commissioner. It reads:

Dear NFL Commissioner Goodell,

Dogfighting is cruel and criminal, and football players must be held accountable like anyone else. Please suspend Vick immediately - anything less would reflect very badly on your judgment, and on the league.

You can leave your own comments on the petition as well. They have 48,562 signatures so far!

To sign this petition, just follow this link.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

$50,000 Question

Trav tagged Morgen and Morgen tagged me for this meme. Here's what the meme is about:

A philanthropist awards you $50,000 with the stipulation that you may use half of it for yourself and the other half you must use for the benefit of others. By "benefit of others" it can mean anything really, buying a gift for a family member or donating to a charity.

My note: "you may use half of it for yourself." That means that I don't have to use ANY of it on myself. But I will. :)

A. How do you spend the money on yourself?
Honestly? Paying off debt. And maybe throw a vacation in there. To someplace tropical and fruity and all-inclusive. But that would include Mr. Incredible, so it would partially in the "for others" category...

B. How do you use the money for others?
I'd make donations to animal shelters and places like House of Mews in Memphis.

I'd also take my sister and my mom on a "NYC in the fall" trip like we've been planning for ages and never taken. But since I'd go too, that would be partially for myself. There is much overlap here.

C. If you were to spend part of your money to have a performer do a show for you, who would it be and why?
What kind of "show" are we talking about here? Cause Chris Daughtry would be involved.

D. If you were to use it on a new vehicle for yourself, what kind?
I don't know. I like our two current vehicles. Maybe I'd trade Harriet for a Honda Ridgeline. Again, I'm working in a $25,000 limit, right? Cause that's extremely, well, limiting. Since Mr. Incredible would really really like the Ridgeline, does this come under the "for others" side?

E. If you spent part of it to go to a "fantasy" camp, what type would you choose?
Is there country music singer fantasy camp? Cause that's what I would want. That would kick ass.

F. If you were to use it to buy season tickets for a sports team, what team would it be?
MEMPHIS BASKETBALL TIGERS. Of course, that would only be partially for myself, because my friends would get to use them when I didn't, which would be all the time, because I live 1500 miles away. But I could use them whenever I want to visit. So that counts as not for myself. How bout the Denver Broncos? That'd be sweet. And make Mr. Incredible happy as well. See how this is working out, both of those purchases could come out of the "for others" category.

G. If you were to use it to go on a cruise (assuming you like cruises) where would you cruise to?
Alaska. Or Greece. Or maybe around the whole world. Damn, I wish dude gave me $50 million instead of just $50,000. Cause I could cruise a lot farther on that.

H. If you were to use it to go to NYC to see a show (or shows) what would you see?
Current shows? Er... Dunno. I haven't been paying proper attention to new shows in a while. I want to see Wicked. And pretty much if it's a Broadway Musical, I want to see it. Les Mis is my all time favorite, but I've seen that eleventy times. Though never actually ON Broadway, so maybe that would make it all complete.

I. Totally off subject (but since Fall is coming) what is your favorite carnival food?
Pronto Pups, no question.

I was not given instructions on how many to tag, or even that I HAD to tag. So... I'm leaving this one up for grabs. If you wanna play, have at it!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Manic Monday: Seven Lies My Mother Told Me

Today's Manic Monday word:

I have gone from being meme queen to meme slacker lately. Mo always tags me, and I always LOVE it. When he doesn't tag me, I always self-tag. But lately, you know, I've been a busy bee and I have just been entirely delinquent. So. Since he did this meme to redeem his past non-meme-doings, I'm taking up on the same deal. I'm supposed to list ten lies that my mother told me.

Plus, it fits with Manic Monday, so yay!

Here we go!

Dude. Blogger's license. I'm going to flip this around and do lies I told my mother instead. It's just way easier. And I'm still struggling to come up with ten. Because I was such an honest kid. :)

  1. "Can you sign this piece of paper? I'm making an autograph book and I need your autograph." After which I wrote, above her signature, some sort of something for school. I can't even remember what that was for.
  2. "I have to do a book report for school." Yeah. I was in 2nd grade, and I didn't have that assignment. I just wanted to do a project. I even made up the book too. As eternal punishment for that lie, while I was working on it I stabbed myself with a pencil and still have that little piece of pencil lead in my hand.
  3. "There will be a chaperone." I totally went to an honor band weekend senior year at Tennessee Tech with no adult supervision. Our band director didn't even go. Just four of us in one car and we got our own hotel rooms. And you know the dorkiest part? We actually went to the honor band. And didn't miss any rehearsals. Dorks.
  4. "I'm spending the night with Denise."
  5. "We fell asleep watching a movie, that's why I missed curfew."
  6. "I already did my homework." Look, I know these last two are pretty standard and everything, but seriously. How many lies can I be expected to fess up to in one post?
  7. "Yes, I made the car payment (on the loan you cosigned)." Sorry about that one, Mom. I didn't know they'd call you and threaten repossession the week before Christmas.

Sorry I just came up with 7. Either I was a very honest kid or I have selective memory...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Manic Monday, Seven

Today's Manic Monday word:

This may be totally weird. But when I saw the word for this week, the very first thing I thought of was this song. Which always reminds me of my college roommate. And karaoke. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Mo Show

My friend Morgen at It's A Blog Eat Blog World is now going to be entertaining us with his radio talents! That's right, Morgen is launching The Mo Show - a Blog Talk Radio program! The first episode airs today, Tuesday, June 26th at 5:30 p.m. CT (my time) or 630 p.m. ET. (After 7:00 p.m. ET, you can listen to an archived recording of the show at your leisure.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Six Sleepy Things

I was tagged for the Six Sleepy Things Meme by Morgen.

So, here are 6 things I do to go to sleep or while I'm asleep:

1. I always watch TV for a little while. I turn the sound off and turn on the closed captioning so Mr. Incredible can go to sleep. If I just try to fall asleep, my brain starts thinking about too much and wakes me up, but if I watch TV I can trick my brain into focusing on that until I fall asleep.

2. We use a sound machine. Otherwise there are too many small noises that distract us and wake us up. Regular white noise works, but we most often use "hard rain" or "ocean waves."

3. I do a lot of running and kicking in my sleep. I don't ever wake myself up or anything, so I'll have to take Mr. I's word for it, but he says it happens most often if I'm asleep on my back with my knees bent. If he notices me sleeping like that he'll straighten out my legs so he doesn't get kicked. :)

4. I sleep with a pillow between my knees. I also sometimes put one under my stomach if I'm sleeping on my stomach or on my side. It keeps my back from hurting. Or at least I've convinced myself it does, I don't know if it actually helps.

5. We started taking Melatonin a few months ago and it really makes me sleepy. It makes me a little hungover, though, so I only take half. Mr. I. likes it too. But my mom took it, and it made her wired. Weird.

6. I keep a tube of Burt's Bees on the nightstand, because I hate waking up in the middle of the night with chapped lips.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Traveler Recap, Episode 4

Okay. A lot happened, and I'm writing this from memory of only one viewing, so forgive me if I miss anything.

Tyler and Jay are on a train to Maine. They get there and ask the man at the station about the number Will had written on his train schedule. The man tells him that it's a reservation number, and after Tyler greases his palm, the guy tells them that the man that made the reservation's name was Daniel Taft. Who is this Daniel Taft, they wonder? Is Will using that name? Or is Daniel using the name Will?

They are considering this when they spot a bookstore named "Have Books Will Travel." So that's where Will got his name, they think (duh), and Jay goes to the store to ask the pretty girl that works there (Maya) about it. She gets all shifty eyed and suspicious and shuts him down when he questions her, and we see that the store is bugged and there are men listening to the goings on there. Jay tells Tyler he didn't find anything out, but Tyler called information (handy idea) and found a listing for Daniel Taft.

They go the address, which is a slip at the marina. There is no boat in the spot marked "Daniel Taft," but they see a boat named "Maya" and decide to check it out. They find a crapload of guns and stuff. At this point, we see the Hotel Bellhop from Episode One is watching them. We also see another man climbing aboard the boat, and it's not Will. It's just a random guy. They ask if he's Daniel Taft and he says yes, but I didn't believe it. They are so trusting! They're also not subtle or sneaky at all. Anyway, they tell him they were looking for their buddy Will Traveler and he says he doesn't know Will. He tells them to help themselves to beer and that he'll be right back. He slaps a bomb on the boat and locks them in. Jay grabs a gun to shoot them out, and they narrowly escape (again).

A video appears on the news of Tyler talking trash about the President, and Jay remembers Will taping it, egging him on, and smirking. The FBI folks are using this as "further evidence" of the guys' hatred of the administration. The FBI lady (Marlow) wonders why the guys would go to Nell's to try to destroy the video if it was already online and in the open. She's thinking that something's amiss, but she can't get her fellow agents to go along, because they just want to close the case.

Meanwhile, Jay's girlfriend Kim is in jail for punching the photographer, but is released when FBI big boss comes to pick her up. I can't decide if he's truly BAD or if he's just blinded by the desire to solve this thing. He tells her, fatherly-ish, she should go stay with family until this is over.

So. They go BACK to the bookstore to press Maya for answers. She tells them to shut it and takes them outside and tells them "they're listening." She takes them to her home and gives them some story about how Will is Daniel Taft, how he told her about them, how he thought he was serving his country, how she and Will were going to run away together after the mission. Bellhop guy is watching as the Listening Men come careening into the store, then drive away. Maya gets a call that the Listening Men are on the way. She gives Jay and Tyler an old-fashioned skeleton key, says that Will didn't tell her what it was for, only that if they needed to, they could use it to fight back. She sends them away and tells them she'll be fine, even as the Listening Men are breaking down the door.

The guys are at the train station, and Jay calls Kim. She cries and they talk, then her Dad gets on the phone and tells Jay to leave her alone. This worries Jay because Kim and her dad don't get along. What worries Tyler, though, is that he sees his car parked in the train station parking lot. His car, the one he left in NYC before the bombing. Jay's like, "no way," because the car is a different color, plus, that's nuts, but Tyler is sure. Then we see someone get out of the car, and it's WILL. Jay screams to him, but just then a train passes by and Jay and Tyler can't see any of what's happening on the other side.

What's happening on the other side is: Will's going to bolt, but a white van comes screeching up, Bellhop shoots at the van, but they snatch Will up and drive away, Bellhop shooting all the while. The train passes, and the guys see Tyler's car still there, but no Will. Then they see Bellhop, and Bellhop sees them. They are wigging right out, and rightfully so.

Manic Monday, Heat

Today's Manic Monday word:

Don't know why, but this is what came to mind when I was thinking about today's word.

A few years back (5? 6? Something like that) when Memphis was finally getting an NBA team, there was discussion about what we would call the team. It wasn't that long after the Houston Oilers had moved to Tennessee and changed their name, so I guess people thought that the Grizzlies would change their name too. They didn't. But anyway, I remember people suggesting names for the team, and the arena that would be built. We knew that FedEx would be sponsoring the arena and one of my favorite names suggested for it was "FedEx Hub," which I thought was clever, but apparently the powers that be disagreed (is that too inside? The Hub? Maybe only Memphis people who either worked or know someone that worked at the actual FedEx hub would find that particularly amusing) and named the building the far-less-funny FedExForum. But my absolute favorite suggestion for the team's new name was Memphis Humidity. Cause when they played the Miami Heat, we would finally answer the eternal question...

p.s., and absolutely not at all relevant for today's word, but when Memphis was trying to get the team, one of the competing cities was Louisville, Kentucky. KFC was going to have naming rights for their arena, and one of the names mentioned was KFC Bucket. I don't know if that was official, but I loved it.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sadie's F.A.Q.

updated: 1/23/2013

Your roommate's name is Pebbles? Seriously?
No. Not seriously.  Which is why for the most part I now refer to her as "P." Also, she's not my roommate anymore, because I moved away from Colorado. :(

Why in heaven's name did you call your ex-husband Mr. Incredible? Is he that awesome or something? If so, why is he your EX-husband?
Updated answer 11/21/08: His awesomeness (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with it (clearly). I called him Mr. Incredible for two reasons. 1) I didn't want to use his actual name, and 2) He looks like Mr. Incredible. Seriously. More than one person commented on that before I had ever seen the movie. Of course, maybe we should choose something new. Or just not talk about him at all.

On your two links lists, what's the difference in "the stalkees" and "the peeps?"

"Sites I Stalk" are sites that I regularly, perhaps even obsessively, read. The sites in the list of my peeps are people whose blogs I read, that are also people that I either know in real life or have communicated with via email or we have mutually read and commented on each other's blogs long enough to have become a peep of mine. It doesn't mean that the bloggers I stalk aren't wonderful people, it's just that I am a fan of theirs and they don't know me from a bump on their asses.

Where have you been?
Updated answer 1/23/2013: Resting. Getting divorced. Getting married. Changing jobs. Doing lots of things. I've still been reading blogs, and I've been around. Just wasn't posting much.

You have a store? What's that about?
Often, when watching TV or talking with friends, someone would say something funny and I would say, "Someone should put that on a T-shirt!" So I did.

Your cats? Have a blog?
Yep. It started as Merlin's, but when Dobby joined the family, it seemed only fair that he should get to help. They're so busy napping and eating that they don't blog much anymore.  Or, really, ever.

Are you still unemployed?
No, not anymore. The job I got in December 2006 that was supposed to last a couple months lasted nine, just long enough for me to move to Colorado and start my new, permanent, job. Update 11/21/08: Which I then left. And now have a different new, permanent, job. That I may soon leave. Catch a pattern here? Yeah, me too. Update 5/20/2009:And now I have a different new, permanent job, back in the legal world. Update 9/23/2009: And now I'm in a different job. Sigh. It is permanent, but I hope to find something different soon. Updated 11/23/09: Dudes. New job! woot!  9/15/2010: New job. A real one, that I like. Yay! 1/23/2013: SAME JOB.  It's a miracle.

You only shave one leg a day? Really? Why?
The hair on my legs doesn't really grow fast enough to require daily shaving, really just every-other. So if I shave them BOTH every other day, on those days my shower is extra long. This way, I shave one leg per day and every shower takes the same amount of time. I shave the right leg on Monday (starting the week on the right foot), Wednesday, and Friday, the left on Tuesday and Thursday, and both legs on Saturday and Sundays. Update 11/21/08: This pattern can be different depending on how often my legs are bare and also if anyone else will see them. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. 1/23/2013: I shave both legs nearly every day now.  That way if I miss a spot it's no big deal b/c tomorrow I'll get it.

You know a lot about sports for a girl.
Um, yes I know some stuff about sports, especially college basketball. My girl-ness is not relevant. There are other women that know more than I do, and probably more than you do. So bite me. And them. My favorite team is, of course, the Memphis Tigers.

Wow, you watch a lot of television.
Yes I do.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Manic Monday, Friend

Today's Manic Monday word:

Seems fitting, since this is a blogger's meme, to talk about blogging friends. And even more so since the creator of Manic Monday is Morgen, one of my earliest and bestest internet bloggin' buddies. Our cats, oddly enough, brought us together, as his Daphne had an understandable crush on my Merlin, and the rest is history.

Blogging has introduced me to friends like her, her, her, her, and her; and allowed me to better get to know people I knew from other online spots, like her (btw, "her" looks really funny when you type it that many times).

But blogging has also allowed me to meet people in real life (or at least on Google Talk), people who have become my friends, people who make me laugh, people that make me feel better when I feel like crap, people that I wish I'd met a long time ago... They have been amazing, funny, helpful, and I appreciate their friendship and support.

Blogging has also allowed me to keep up with (and reconnect with) friends that I've known for years. Including the one friend that I haven't laid eyes on in literally years, who read this blog before she knew it was mine.

And my best good friend. Love you.

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Traveler Recap, Episode 3

The episode starts off with Jay wandering around a flea market, looking to buy some new clothes. He is absolutely horrible at being subtle, he doesn't blend in at all, and as he is paying for some jeans, the portable TV the guy in the booth is watching has a photo of Jay and Tyler. Jay looks freaked, and of course the guy notices, so Jay drops money for the jeans and leads the guy on a chase-ish through the market (they're not running or anything). Then Jay gets in his car, the guy sees him and gets on his cell phone. So their car is spotted.

Jay gets back to their hotel and tells Tyler they've got to get going. Tyler's chopping his hair and has a bottle of red hair dye. He says it's the only color they had, but Jay doesn't want to use it b/c it wouldn't make them very inconspicuous. And then he says maybe the hair color is a good idea. Oh, and also they see on TV that Bad Guy from episode 2 was found dead, and they know they left him alive, and they are, therefore, in deep shit. Next, in the car, they have NOT colored their hair. It was a little trick. They argue about where they're going next. Tyler wants to make a run for the (Canadian) border, but Jay wants to go back to New Haven so they can find proof that Will Traveler existed. Jay says he and Will stored some of their stuff before they left. Tyler wants to know how come he didn't know that, and Jay tells him they stored their stuff at Nell's, and Tyler doesn't want to see Nell. Jay says no matter what happened between Tyler and Nell, it's not as important as what they're dealing with now. Duh. Of course Jay wins the argument.

The FBI comes busting in the hotel room and the guys, of course, are gone. They see the empty hair color bottle on the counter and phone in that the suspects' appearance has changed. The FBI folks meet and discuss their next move. The Mean Boss wants to send the two smart agents (Marlow and Borjes) to go to the border and watch. Agent Marlow, though, thinks they should go to New Haven. FBI boss thinks she's crazy to think the guys would go back there, but she says at least they'll get some interviews. He lets them go but says they only have 24 hours.

During all of this (and spread out through the episode), Kim (Jay's girlfriend) is getting ready for work when she sees a news reporter broadcasting from outside her apartment. She goes out to get in a taxi and is mobbed by photographers. She gets to her job at an art gallery and is met at the door by her boss. He tells her that he's not firing her, and as soon as all this is straightened out she can come back to work, but this isn't exactly the kind of publicity they need. She gets a box of her stuff from him and goes to a coffee shop to mope, as her life really sucks right now. She goes through her work stuff and finds a disposable camera. She grins, packs up her stuff and leaves. During this scene, I noticed someone watching her from outside, but they didn't make a big deal of it. So she goes to a photo shop and stands outside watching the developed pictures drop in to the basket, and there is at least one with Will Traveler and the boys (again, she is being watched). She is quite pleased, of course, because now she can prove Will exists, Jay will be exonerated, and she will save the World. She pays for the photos and puts them in her purse. As she leaves the store, a guy bumps into her on the street and apologizes. She's too happy about the photo to care, though. She gets to the FBI and tells Mean Boss that she has a photo of Will Traveler, and of course it's not in her purse when she searches through it. Duh, pick pocket. She is sad, realizes that Mean Boss Guy doesn't believe her and leaves. Later, frustrated, she assaults a New York Post photographer that's going through her garbage.

Jay and Tyler are going through boxes in a basement (Nell's basement, we presume, correctly). They realize even though the boxes were stored there only 3 days ago, someone has beaten them there. Will's stuff has been made to look like it's Tyler's and also the boxes now include things like the blueprints to the now-exploded museum, casualty estimates, and other bad stuff. They are so totally set up. Nell appears, and she and Tyler make ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend faces at each other. They decide to burn the stuff, and Jay goes to light the grill. Nell and Tyler bicker a little and then make out. This reminds Tyler of a time they were making out in the library and he saw Will go into a study carrel. It was odd b/c engineering students don't normally have carrels in that part of the library or something. Nell gets a phone call that the FBI is interviewing Jay and Tyler's friends, and they leave, telling Nell just to ask for a lawyer to delay the FBI and then to tell the truth. The FBI shows up pretty quickly afterwards, she asks for a lawyer, but they notice the giant fire burning in her grill, and call in to other FBIs that the boys are in town.

The guys walk into the Yale Library (gaining access using Nell's student ID) and they look so obviously suspicious. They really need to learn how to be subtle. Anyway, of course some guy at the counter notices them and presumably notifies the authorities. They find Will's study carrel, but it doesn't have anything in it, all the carrels are empty, the semester is over. Then, very luckily, Tyler notices a footprint on the desk, so they climb up and look in the ceiling, where they find a huge wad of money, a GIANT gun, and a train schedule. They figure Will left it there to come get if he was able to survive the bombing. Just then the FBI arrives and the guys put the gun on the ground and run. They get chased to some back room, but Jay pulls back the book shelf and there's a secret door there. What? Exactly. Anyway, it goes into steam pipes or something, and Jay tells Tyler he used to break into the library after hours. To study. Geek. Anyway, they're off again, to get on the train to Maine, b/c of the schedule Will left behind.

The pick pocket hands over Kim's photos to the Super Bad Guy (played by Neal McDonough) from the end of the last episode. Super Bad Guy comments that "Will Traveler left us quite a mess. You know what to do?" Pick pocket nods and walks away. Later Super Bad guy is talking to someone else and they note that the "entire collection" was destroyed in the bombing. Are you sure, everything? Yes, everything.

So we see some guy you can tell is bad cause he's very slick looking. Someone comes in and slides a painting across the table. It is the painting of the signing of the Constitution. Or maybe the Declaration of Independence, you know the one with all the white haired guys standing around wanting to sign something. Anyway, the bad guy says that the painting was destroyed in the bombing, and he can't "move it." So he's a stolen property seller guy, I guess. And then the person who brought the painting says he just wants to know what he has. And we see who it is, and it's..... Will Traveler. Not dead and burned to a crisp at all.

The end!

Traveler Recap, Episode 2

A friend of mine fell asleep before the end of the 2nd episode of Traveler, so I recapped it for her. Then she missed the 3rd episode so I recapped THAT for her. Then I thought it might become a regular thing. And then I thought, why not share the recaps with you? If you missed the pilot you can read a recap that I didn't write here. Here's Episode 2:

Jay and Tyler sneak through the woods to to Carlton's house (Tyler's Dad) and Carlton introduces them to a bald guy who looks like a Bad Guy. But Carlton tells them that he hired a firm that is excellent at covering up bad scandals, and that half of the country's congressman own this firm their careers. So Bad Guy wants to give Tyler and Jay polygraph tests, which they take even though they don't want to. During the questioning he asks Jay if Jay blames the government for his dad's death (Jay doesn't answer), and he also asks Tyler if he knew that Will knew Carlton (also doesn't answer). Tyler also talks about how one time Will showed him how to make a tiny little explosive to break into a friend's apartment, but it was just a prank. Bad Guy tells them that he thinks they should leave the country and go to Switzerland until this is all straightened out, and they agree, even though Jay really doesn't want to b/c he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend (Kim) is being questioned by the FBI. She's explaining that Jay didn't do anything wrong, she knew Will Traveler, etc. Finally, main FBI guy takes her back to her apartment and it's all torn up from being searched. He tells her that this will be her life until Jay is found.

So Jay and Tyler get in the car with Bad Guy to go to the private plane to fly to Switzerland. They are driving down a back road when a police car approaches. Bad Guy tells them to stay down and out of sight and gets out of the car to talk to the police officer. When the officer walks past Bad Guy and comes toward the car, Bad Guy puts two bullets in her back. The guys realize that Bad Guy is Bad, and so they run out of the car, through the woods, and hide in the small airplane hangar. Bad Guy finds them there, and he and Jay wrestle and fight, Bad Guy has a big old gun with a silencer. Tyler finally gets it together and smacks Bad Guy unconscious. Bad Guy wakes up in the hangar, tied up, and Jay and Tyler are asking him who is he, who does he work for, and Tyler wants to know if Carlton knew about this.

Also, the FBI is trying to find Jay and Tyler, and raid three of Carlton's homes. However, the one they are in is off the grid and the FBI doesn't know it exists. Later, they find the car the boys abandoned and discover the nearby property owned by Carlton's company. And head off for it, but we know that the guys are already gone.

Bad Guy tells Tyler that Tyler has much bigger things to worry about than Carlton. Bad Guy's cell phone rings, and Jay makes him answer it. The voice on the other end says, "Do you have the packages?" and Bad Guy says, "It's done."

I'm not sure what they do with Bad Guy, I might have missed it if they killed him or just left him, but the guys are driving off in Bad Guy's car. Tyler wants to go back to Carlton's, and Jay realizes that Tyler has no idea how to function without his Dad and stand on his own two feet. Jay tells him that it's just the two of them now, and they can't go back. Tyler nods and they drive off.

At the end, a cell phone rings and we see the face of a man answer it (played by Neal McDonough, so you know his role will be big). The person on the other end says that Tyler and Jay are dead. The man says "Good," puts the phone back in his pocket, and walks into the Department of Homeland Security.

The End.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer TV Update

In my last Summer TV post, I forgot to mention that Big Love starts soon. It airs on HBO, beginning June 11 at 9/8 pm. I love Big Love. You can catch up on old episodes right now, especially if you have HBO On Demand, and they're also on DVD. Who'd have thought that a show about polygamy would be so good? Goes to show you never can tell.

There also a show on FX-- Damages. It starts July 24 at 10pm ET and it stars Glenn Close. It's also about lawyers, so that's always fun. Entertainment Weekly calls it the Prison Break of legal thrillers. Sounds like a good one to me.

Traveler already started, but you've only missed a few episodes and you can watch them for free online. I read that it will only last like eight episodes or something, so it's not a major commitment. And so far it's pretty good. At least if it's conceived as a mini-series, we might actually get all the way through it and solve the mystery before the show disappears.

OH! And Starter Wife. It's a mini series that's already started, too, but only one episode and they're re-airing it like crazy on USA til episode 2 airs Thursday night at 9/8.

Update: The Starter Wife premiere is on again Thursday June 7 at 5pm ET (then the new episode is on at 9pm ET). You can also watch it online. Looks like on Thursday the 14th, they're repeating the premiere AND this week's episode before the new one. It appears that will be the regular deal, they'll replay the episodes every Thursday before they air the new one. The finale airs on June 28.

Friday, June 01, 2007

How I Met Your Mother

If you don't watch How I Met Your Mother, let me tell you, you should...

And now you can, at your convenience. One of the BEST episodes (the "slap bet" episode), is on the HIMYM official MySpace page, in its entirety. You can also watch the "World's Greatest Couple" episode there.

Watch it, it's funny.

Also, you really should be watching So You Think You Can Dance now. And I expect you to be catching up on Heroes over the summer (watch it online for free!), and of course Friday Night Lights, which is also available online here, and is being re-aired on Sunday nights on NBC.

Come on, people, get with it.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Summer TV Viewing Guide

It's getting to be that time again. As much as I enjoy the hullabaloo that is May Sweeps, I hate when the shows end. But at least things are better now than they were back in the day, what with the available Summer programming. For those of you with better things to do than run down this information, let me offer my assistance with Sadie's Summer TV Viewing Guide.

First of all, if you haven't watched it, I recommend catching up on "Friday Night Lights." Episodes of Season 1 will be rerun on Sunday nights (starting May 27) at 9/8 on NBC, and are also free for online viewing. Also, if you need to, catch up on "Heroes." Cause it kicks ass.

We've hit the Reality TV jackpot on NBC with "America's Got Talent," "Last Comic Standing" and "The Biggest Loser" -- all three with new hosts -- and "Age of Love," a new dating show hosted by Mark Consuelos. "Talent" will debut at 9 p.m. June 5, then move to Tuesdays 8-9 p.m. "Comic" premieres June 13 at 9 p.m. then moves to Wednesdays at 9 p.m. "Age," an eight-episode series described as a reality dating show with a twist, will premiere June 18 at 10/9 p.m. period. "Loser" will return in late summer.

So You Think You Can Dance, aka "Shooby Dooby Dooby Dance." Premieres on FOX the night after the Idol finale, May 24 at 8/7c. I love this show. It's ridiculous and cheesy and I love it. Mr. Incredible and I have been known to try out some of the dance moves in our living room, but the risk of injury is too great, so we try to resist the urge. The early auditions might not be as cringe-worthy as American Idol, but there's a much higher probability of getting to see someone LITERALLY fall on his or her face.

Also on FOX: Standoff, which I thought was on "Permanent Hiatus" was apparently only on temporary hiatus. It returns Friday June 8 at 9/8. Hell's Kitchen comes back June 4 at 9/8. I don't watch either, so I have nothing to say.

Top Chef kicks of Season 3 on June 6. I also don't watch that. But Project Runway's not on this summer, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

The Closer: I love this show. Even if I sometimes am annoyed by Kyra Sedgwick's southern accent, I find myself saying "Thank you!" with just that tone in my voice. I'm sure people appreciate it. TNT is currently showing season 1 on Tuesdays at 9/8 and 10/9. And the new season starts June 24.

The 4400. I liked the first mini-season of this show, got irritated by the second season, and ignored the third season. The fourth season premieres on USA Sunday, June 17 at 9/8c.

Monk is also on USA, returns for its sixth season on July 13. It will be followed by Psych, which is another funny detective show. If you haven't seen it, it's not about a psychic. He is just a hyper-observant guy who pretends to be psychic and solves crimes with his sidekick, Dule Hill, who played Charlie on the West Wing. Also on USA, but on Sunday nights, is a show about an actual psychic, The Dead Zone. It premieres Sunday June 17 at 9/8. So you have a non-psychic detective, a pretend-psychic detective, and an actual-psychic detective.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Wiki Meme

Morgen tagged me for a new meme, cause he knows I get my feelers hurt if he does a meme and doesn't tag me. You go to Wikpedia, type in the month & day you were born (no year) into their search engine, then you list 3 events from that day, 2 birthdays, and one death.

3 Events from Sept 23:
2 birthdays:

1 death:
I'm a meme killer, and I'm not going to tag anyone. But if you'd like to play, please do! Leave me a comment so I can check out your answers!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Cause I'm CRAZY, I asked Morgen to interview me.

The rules = you post the questions and answers on your site, then ask for "interview me" volunteers. You then send these volunteers 5 questions that you make up, along with the rules...

1. Mr. Incredible is the All-American classic-looking boy next door. What is it about the non-boy next door- looking Mr. Daughtry that grinds your gears?

Oh my. I mean. The Hotness. That's all I can say. The. Hotness. The voice. and the..... HOTNESS.

2. If you could have any career in the world, what would it be?

For years and years, my answer to that question was Country singer. That desire has faded in the past few years since I haven't spent nearly as much time in a karaoke bar as I used to... Now it would be having a column where I could write about whatever I want. Or maybe just getting paid to blog. About whatever I want. Or maybe getting a job blogging for TVSquad.

3. Target is having a huge clearance sale. Do you stick with your shopping list, or go hog-wild in the clearance endcaps?

Dude. I never go by my shopping list. I only make one so I don't forget something, but I ALWAYS get something more. At Target especially, that is why I try not to go in there! I cannot. control. myself.

4. If you could market a Dobby-related pet item, what would it be, and can we see a gratuitious smiling-Dobby picture along with your answer?

How about a Dobby bathroom cleanser? He is a tub licker. When one of us turns off the water in the shower, Dobby RUNS into the bathroom, and sits on the bathmat. He waits for us to get out and then he hops in. And licks the tub. And the shower curtain.
I don't know why. Today he even hopped in before I was out! He's smiling in this picture, I promise. Between licks. ;)

5. If you had to live in any other city besides Memphis, what would it be and why?

Probably Charlotte, NC, where my sister and parents live. Or Denver, where Mr. I grew up and would LOVE to live. Or NYC if I was wealthy and could afford to do EVERYTHING. Or the beach. But the beach isn't a city...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Manic Monday, Branch

Today's Manic Monday word:

Here is the Momma Robin whose nest was featured in last week's Manic Monday. She was sitting on a BRANCH and keeping her eye on me (and tweeting her brains out) while I checked out her nest. One of the three eggs is gone now. But I'm checking the nest every day, waiting for the babies to hatch!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Music Meme

Morgen at It's a Blog Eat Blog World tagged me with this one. AND he called me a meme thief, but, hey, if the shoe fits...

The theme of the meme = you list seven songs/CDs that you've listened to recently and then tag seven people. SEVEN. Okay.

I'm mostly going to list songs, because I don't usually listen to whole albums anymore, even if I download whole albums, because I mix them up on my iPod. I've gotten lots of new stuff lately, so this will be fun.

1. Now y'all KNOW this was gonna be here. My imaginary rock star boyfriend and his band, DAUGHTRY. The entire album. Love, love, LOVE him. I seriously like every single song on the album.

2. FutureSex/LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake. Right now, I like "What Goes Around..." and "LoveStoned." To use his words, "[it's] freaky and I like it." "She looks like a model, except she's got a little more ass." Y'all, seriously, I told JT to stop singing about me, guess he wasn't listening. ;)

3. "Tell Me 'Bout It," the first single from Joss Stone's new album... I also like "Put Your Hands on Me." She's very cool, and she's only 19 years old. I'm quite envious of her talent...

4. "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs," Fall Out Boy. I like to listen to this song (or their recent single, "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race") when I first get in the car in the morning to get my eyes open. "Say a prayer, but let the good times roll/In case God doesn't show," "Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great."

5. "Crazy Ex Girlfriend," Miranda Lambert. She was a runner-up on the first season of Nashville Star, and she writes some good stuff. This is the first single off her album that's due in May. This one's an excellent upbeat country song, also good for waking me up in the morning. "Those pretty girls can play their games, but they're damn well gonna know my name-- I'm a Crazy Ex Girlfriend."

6. "Boston," by Augustana. Stumbled across this song on iTunes a few months ago, and then saw them perform it on the TODAY show. And I just really, really like it.

7. "Undiscovered," by James Morrison. I found this song through Entertainment Weekly's "Download This" column. "You see the look that's on my face, you might think I'm out of place, but I'm not lost, just Undiscovered." His voice reminds me of someone, and I can't put my finger on who it is, but I really like it.

You're It:
Sarah from Still Life with Soup Can
Andria from Boy Crazy
Desert Songbird from The Icebox
Katie Katie Liberry Lady
Mya Pinyan from Gotta Pinyan?
Neila from Blog that Mommy! (I know Mo tagged you already, but you only hafta do it once)
Ali at Cheaper than Therapy

Monday, March 26, 2007

Manic Monday, Spring

Today's Manic Monday word:

We have a Momma Robin that loves our camellia bush. Last year we had 3 baby birds, and looks like she's looking for a repeat. I love to watch them grow, it happens so fast! One day they're all beak with weak little wobbly necks, and before you know it they're balls of fluff, ready to fly away...

Last year, when they were tiny babies, we had an awful terrible thunderstorm come through. The wind was really blowing hard, and there was lightening and hard rain. I was so worried about my baby birds!! Mr. Incredible set up a ladder next to the camellia bush and propped an umbrella on top it. He secured it so it wouldn't blow away, and the next day the birds (and their nest) were intact and dry...

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Manic Monday, Chip

Today's Manic Monday word:

I wish I had thought to take a picture of my own, but this will have to do. Mr. Incredible and I visited the casinos in New Orleans this weekend. No, I did not win a lot of chips, unfortunately. But it was still a good time.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Manic Monday, Blow

Today's Manic Monday word:


Okay. So after spending the weekend trying to come up with something clever, I decided to search Google Images for the word "blow" and see what comes up. Seriously, I got this. I'm not complaining. The name of the gallery where you can see this lovely work includes the world Blow. So. I think it counts.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Manic Monday, Yellow

Today's Manic Monday word:


I took this photo this morning! My forsythia has decided to start blooming in February. Don't know if it's going to regret it, but we shall see.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

Manic Monday #2

Today is the big FOUR-OH of my buddy and Manic Monday founder, Morgen. Please visit his blog, It's a Blog Eat Blog World, and wish him the Happiest.

Happy Birthday, Mo! Love ya, mean it!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Stuff for Friday

Harriet (our SUV) is sick again. We're going to be best friends with the nice lady at Budget Rental Car before long.

How is it that the alarm clock radio was perfectly timed to go off just at the exact moment in the song "Love Shack" so that the thing that woke us up this morning was that B-52s woman SCREAMING "Tin Roof! Rusted." Seriously, it scared me to death.

I may never have to exfoliate again. Dobby is quite the little face licker and his sandpaper tongue is pretty rough. It actually hurts if he ventures over more sensitive parts of my face.

My mom, after reading the Silly Meme, informed me via email that I was born at 12:12 pm after "hours of excruciating labor." I replied, "well, wasn't it was worth it?" and she responded with a lawyer joke. I'm not sure how to take that. ;)

The Tigers won last night, they beat Houston 79-69. I'm glad they're winning, I hope they're able to keep it up. They're ranked #19 right now. It's funny, there have been (many) seasons I would have been thrilled with that ranking. Interesting how one #1 seed and a near trip to the Final Four can change your perspective.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Silly Meme

Morgen tagged me with this, so...


1.When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
"Oh my God."

2.How much cash do you have on you?
78 cents. Approximately.

3.What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?

4.Do you label yourself?
Not intentionally.

5.Bright or Dark Room?
Bright, usually. I can't see anything in the dark since I had the LASIK. Unless my head hurts, then dark. Outside brightness hurts my eyes though.

6.Why is there always a missing question?
Is there a missing question? Are we looking for it?

7.What does your watch look like?
It's a silver Guess? watch. Mr. Incredible gave it to me for Christmas.

8.What were you doing at midnight last night?
Spooning and falling asleep.

9.Where is your nearest 7-11?
I don't know of any 7 -11s in Memphis anymore. But the closest convenience store to my house is an Exxon On the Run about 4 blocks away.

10.What’s a word that you say a lot?
Other than "shit?" "Seriously." I'm trying to stop, but I can't. It's a very functional word, really (actually, they both are).

11.Who told you he/she loved you last?
Mr. Incredible.

12.Last furry thing you touched?
Max's head. He always walks me to my car in the mornings.

13.How many rolls of film do you need developed?
I haven't gotten film developed in a long long time.

14.Favorite age you have been so far?
I think it's 30. How weird is that? Who'd've thunk it?

15.Your worst enemy?
Raw chocolate chip cookie dough. In a tub, not a tube. It's the devil.

16.What is your current desktop picture?
On my work computer, it's the Dobster. He's super cute.

17.What was the last thing you said to someone?
"See you tomorrow."

18.The last song you listened to?
"I Think It's Going to Rain Today" by Norah Jones

19.What time of day were you born?
I don't know, actually. I'll have to look at my birth certificate when I get home.

20.What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
Nothing. Get mad. Try to find another machine and more money. Cry (not really. well, maybe depending on how hungry I am and what I'm trying to buy).

21.Do you consider yourself kind?
Yes, most of the time.

22.What’s your life motto?
"Just keep swimming."

23.Name three things you have on you at all times.
Sunglasses, Burt's Bees lip balm, my cell phone.

24.Can you change the oil on a car?
I can drive the car to Firestone. That's good enough for me.

25.When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
Not counting birthday cards and thank you notes? I sent a "just because" card with a long note inside to my college roommate last summer when she was expecting her baby and was on bed rest... Actual Letter on Stationery? I have no idea.


Well then.

My friends, family and I have been picking bowl games for the past three (I think?) years, not for money or anything, just for the glory of being House Champion as my BIL would say.

Reining and forever House Champion? That's right, it's me. I have won all three years.

I will say that I thought I was going out on a limb picking Florida. And I had to get that one right, if Ohio State had won then Mr. Incredible and I would have finished in a tie. But the Gators didn't fail me. In a big way.

So, yet again, I win. And Mr. Incredible has to pay up on our bet! He now owes me lots of smooches. :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Dobby

Here he is, snuggling against me. To answer some questions from yesterday's comments, Dobby was delivered to my door by his savior and first Mom, Cecilia. It was very nice of her to provide transportation, and I was glad to finally meet her. Dobby is named for Dobby the house elf because Mr. Incredible and I LOVE Dobby, we think he's very cute. So. So far he has licked both of our faces and hissed a little upon meeting Merlin. Merlin hissed a little, but mostly just wanted to investigate him, then just chilled out, and Dobby went back to sleep. So far, so good.

(additional Dobby info on Merlin's blog)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Addition

Here he is, the newest member of our family! He's just getting oriented now, I'm trying to leave him alone, although he is so cute I just want to squish his little self all the time!

He's in there, under the blanket, curled up having a nap now. He hasn't met Merlin yet, and probably won't until tomorrow at the earliest.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Work Update

Just wanted to provide a little update on my co-workers-- it's been a while since I gave info about them. We have all (except Older Guy) brought headphones and trading cds and listening to each other's music.

Thin Girl and I are totally BFF. Today we both wore velvet blazers with our jeans (Fridays we can wear jeans, you see). We're twinkies! Also? She brought Krispy Kremes. How can I not lurve her?

Bearded Guy is funny. He stopped listening to current music after Kurt Cobain died. He loves Marvin Gaye. He doesn't eat much of anything that's unhealthy. Although he did have a Krispy Kreme.

Lady also loves Marvin Gaye. She's singing along with her cd right now.

Tall Guy is still quiet, still nice. He likes to read the newspaper.

That's about it for now.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, No. 13

Thirteen Random Things On My Mind

  1. The newest member of our family's arrival! Only two days til Merlin's little brother gets here!
  2. Project 365... I'm going to really notice each day that goes by. Learn about Project 365.
  3. It's back to school for me very soon! I'm looking forward to new notebooks and pens and clean, fresh, notebook paper. And reading, and learning, and meeting new people.
  4. I want to go see Dreamgirls. Has anyone seen it? Is it wonderful? Or disappointing? Will Mr. Incredible like it? I keep telling him that he will.
  5. I've had a crick in my neck for three weeks. Seriously. That's ridiculous. I'm glad I'm getting back the chiropractor.
  6. The Sugar Bowl was not as much fun as I thought it'd be. I thought LSU would win, but wow. And that kid, Keiland Williams? He was ridiculous! Did they slather him with Crisco? Cause nobody could hold onto him.
  7. Why am I awake at 3:30 in the morning? Why?
  8. Have you ever noticed how, when you can't sleep, you'll think of a million witty, clever blog topics and when you get out of bed and in front of the computer your brain goes blank? What is that about?
  9. I guess they'll never do a "Beauty and the Geek" with geeky girls and hot guys. But they should. That would be interesting. But maybe they need the sexy girls to draw in their demographic on that show. But I'd like to see the girls that know about robots hooking up with guys that have a suitcase full of hair products.
  10. What do you think of these preview windows? Like them? Hate them? Are they annoying or nifty?
  11. Thirteen things is turning out to be a lot of things. It's not Thursday Eleven? Really? Are you sure?
  12. The University of Memphis Tigers play the Cincinnati Bearcats tonight, it will air on ESPN at I think 8pm CT. Go Tigers! Read about it over on my Tiger blog.
  13. Whew! I made it to 13! Have a great Thursday, everybody.

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Explain to me how this happened. I used to eagerly anticipate the Cincinnati game each year. Once (in 2001) I couldn't sleep for a few days I was so psyched. That night, after we lost by one point on a last second shot, I nearly cried. There was much Goldschlager consumed that night. I loved (loved!) the rivalry. I hated (hated!) the Bearcats. Their fans were evil. Their band obnoxious. Their coach... well, it was Bob Huggins.

Today? I don't care much. Is it because Huggins is gone? Is it because Cincy is not in C-USA anymore? Is it because the Tigers are favored by 16 points? Probably all of the above, but tonight the Syracuse-Pitt game will probably be more exciting.

Did you see that? I just jinxed us probably. Oops.

The game is at 8pm CT, and airs on ESPN.

Update: Wow. That was interesting. I'd like to say I saw the whole game, but it got so boring that ESPN switched to a different game. Final Score: Memphis 88, Cincinnati 55. Geoff Calkins tells me the crowd was rowdy, Joey Dorsey made it through the game without one single foul, and Jeremy Hunt went 6 for 7 from 3-point range. So maybe it'll carry over to the rest of the season. Maybe I can allow myself to get excited again. But it's a little bit odd, I still don't feel as fired up as I thought I would.

The next game is next Thursday at Houston.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Nose is Back to the Grindstone

Here I am, back to work. Why does it seem so much harder to go back after a long break? I overslept, so my hair looks kinda crazy because I didn't have time to dry it all the way. But the traffic was light so I cut about seven minutes off the travel time. Merlin was sad to see me go...

But starting next week he won't be lonely all day!! We are excited for the arrival of LT this weekend. He is so adorable! Look at these pictures. How cute is he? I think he and Merlin will make quite a good pair.

Yesterday I discovered that ESPN2 HD had been added to our channel lineup. SWEET! That was nice of Comcast. I love the HD. Speaking of ESPN, the Tigers play Cincinnati tomorrow night on ESPN. Go Tigers!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hoops catch-up

So, the Tigers have won a couple games, against MTSU and Lamar. The next game is Thursday, against Cincinnati. It's hard for me to get excited about that game the way I used to about playing the Bearcats. With Huggins gone, it's just not the same. It would be a good win, though.

Anyway, the Tigers are at #22 in the AP poll, #23 in the ESPN poll... same as last week, and with a very few opportunities left to make a move. But there's always hope, and I'm not giving up!