Friday, October 20, 2006

Weird Meme

So I've been tagged by Morgen at It's a Blog Eat Blog World with this "weird" meme. The idea is that you write 9 weird things about yourself, then tag 9 people.

So... Lemme think. What's weird about me? This is hard cause I already told y'all so much weirdness in my 100 Things.
  1. Morgen had this one, but I totally do it to. I love to smell my cat! I can't help it! I'll pretend I'm kissing him sometimes so I can smell him. Cause kissing my cat is less weird than smelling him? I guess?
  2. I do the same trick on Mr. Incredible. I love love LOVE to smell him, and he thinks it's weird for me to be sniffing at him all the time. So I hug or kiss him and try to take deep long sniffs instead short noisy ones. He smells good. ;)
  3. I cry at everything. On TV. I cry at Grey's Anatomy, like, every week. I cry at the Home Depot commercial where the Dad puts the basketball hoop up in the backyard, and then when the kid grows up, he's cutting down the nets at the Final Four, and the Dad is there, and it's.. just... too much... *sniff sniff*
  4. Well, speaking of the cat... There is the whole blog I have for him. And the clothes I got for him to wear. And the stroller that should arrive on Monday. And that way that every morning before I leave for work I wish I could stay home with him instead. How am I ever going to leave a human baby to go to the office?
  5. When I eat a large pickle, I suck all the insides out and then eat the hollow skin. I've done that since I was a kid, I have no idea why. When I eat a slice of American cheese, first I fold it in half, then again, then again, then again. THEN I can eat it. When I eat a peach, I like to save the skin for last.
  6. My baby toe is like half the size it should be, and the nail grows straight up (perpendicular to the floor). It's hereditary, apparently, and if there's a name for it I don't know what it is. Here's a picture.
  7. For a week now, I've been wearing an orthotic mouthpiece. I wear all the time when I'm awake, it's supposed to keep me from clenching my jaw (I have a different one to wear at night). It may do that, but it also makes me sound like a seventh grader with a retainer. I'm sportin' a nice lisp now.
  8. I often have to pop my knee back into place. It's not like all crazy dangling around dislocated, but it feels weird and hurts to walk on it if I don't. I pull on my foot with one hand and push down on my thigh with my other hand, and "pop."
  9. I can also pop my back all the way up by grasping my hands behind my back, straightening my arms, and pushing my shoulders down. If it doesn't work I bend forward at the waist and lift my hands toward the ceiling, and that does the trick. I learned that from a yoga video. It feels really good.

Tag! You're it: Sarah, Mya Pinyan, Andria, Ali, Lois, Singwithme123, Carmen, Michelle, and Southern Girl.


Morgen said...

Okay, not only do we both have cat blogs (and that our cats date online) but we have the same little toenails.
How freaky is that?!?
And it's my left elbow that I have to pop into place. That drives Lee nuts.
Thanks for sharing your delightful weirdness!
Have a great weekend ~ morgen

scribbit said...

Well then I'll have to come up with some great weirdness. Maybe I should go ask my sister, she'd be the expert on my quirks.

Carmen said...

my daily blog life isn't weird enough for you? Well, let's see, 1. I have a mis-shapen fingernail on my right pointer finger 2. I like to sing out loud with the stereo 3. I break out into old cheerleader moves if I'm feeling funky 4. I don't like to drive with both hands on the steering wheel, cuz it doesn't look "cool" 5. I don't like vegetables. I'm a "meatatarian" 6. I drink a LOT of milk. It does a body good. Maybe 2 gallons a week? 7. I sometimes get OCD when it comes to checking the door locks at night 8. I have a special "pillow" and I hate when it gets worn out and I have to break a new one in 9. One foot is bigger than the other.

Is that weird enough for you? :)

Neila said...

Okay, I am beginning to think we were separated at birth. Mainly because you have my pinky toe!!! I can't tell you how much people make fun of me for that!!

And I'm with you on the crying thing, too. Who doesn't cry at Grey's Anatomy? That's what I want to know.

Matt said...

I usually wear a retainer when I go to sleep and I always wait until right before bed to put it in because it makes me look uncool. Like you, I get a nice lisp going and I find myself changing my vocabulary to avoid using the letter "s."

andria said...

I am going to get on this one sometime this week. It will take me a bit to find something interesting, I mean most things about me are weird, how do I choose?

ali said...

i've done a few of these "weird things" memes before...but i'll do it again...there's certainly enough weirdness in me to write some more!!