Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baking & Bathrooms

You wanna know one of my favorite smells? When I'm driving home from work, for a couple of blocks I can smell the Wonder Bread factory. Yummmm. It's funny because I usually forget it's there until all of a sudden my nose is filled with that homey baking smell... And then, just as quickly, it's gone.

Baking to bathrooms is an interesting segue, but I'm doin it anyway. Let's talk about this for a second. I know that people are germophobic, and all that. I know that people don't like to touch anything in a public restroom if they can avoid it. But come on, people. Flush! Use your foot or something. It's one thing in nasty gas station bathrooms or at the stadium when everything's wet and sticky and nasty, but at work? Half of the offices on this floor are empty. Including me, there are only five women that regularly work on this floor (and one is part time). We have a ladies' room with FOUR stalls. Come on, people. We all know each other. We could almost each have her own stall. Can you seriously not be bothered to flush? Seriously?

That is all. Except for this cutie.

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Morgen said...

Oh, what a cutie pa-tootie!
Isn't it amazing how the calicos turn out?

If I were you, I wouldn't be above posting a (computer generated) sign that says something along the lines of Flush It Or Go To Another Floor

I am forever scarred by the sign we had growing up (in our home!) that said "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down."
Can you tell I grew up in Kentucky?