Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Working Girl

I got tagged with this meme by Daphne, my cat's girlfriend at Purrchance to Dream. She must have known I'd rather do this than work!

1. What is the best thing about your workplace?

I like that it's quiet. Although that does lead to boredom. And I don't have to see or talk to many people. And I can surf the net all day and mostly nobody notices as long as I get my work done. I also have a nice view of the Mississippi River and the lovely state of Arkansas. I happen to have my camera today, so I took this picture from my desk. Don't judge the decor. I'm too lazy to decorate this place.

2. What do you hate about your workplace?

That's a tough one. I don't really hate anything... except see #3. I guess I do hate when I don't have enough work to do, and then I have to worry about billable hours, blah blah blah. But given the alternative (working my rear off seventy hours a week in a giant firm) I'll take what I've got.

3. What small irritance at your workplace really annoys you?

It's not a small irritance to me, but probably it is to most normal people. My office manager will not stop with the gum popping. I have to turn the sound on my computer all the way up so my music will drown out the sound-- and I can still hear it! Hate!

4. Describe the actions/quirks of the weirdest person you work with (can be a co-worker, employer, or a vendor if you are self-employed)

Other than #3? Tough one. I have three bosses. Boss #1 works ALL the time, but is the nicest. Boss #2 comes in just in time to go lunch, and he's the funniest. Boss #3 is unpredictable and is the bossiest. He never gives specific instructions but then gets mad if I don't things exactly how he wants them done. He monopolizes all non-work-conversations (at lunches or birthday parties or whatever), he rarely, if ever, asks about me or anyone else in the office, and is either in a GREAT mood or an asshat mood. But I dunno if that qualifies as weird.

5. What is one thing that you would change at your workplace to make life a helluva lot better?

Assuming that "not having to work at all" is not an acceptable answer... Ooh, direct deposit! That would be great.

Whom should I tag? I'm gonna tag Andria at Boy Crazy, b/c moms work too, and plus, I wanna read her description of her weirdest co-worker.


Morgen said...

I'm amazed you haven't snapped the neck of gum-popper yet!
Thanks for playing ~ Morgen & Daphne

andria said...

YOu are going to have to give me a little time with that one to figure out how I want to tackle it.

sharinlilbit said...

Wow, that IS a great view you have there!

Carmen said...

I, too, would like to get paid to stay home and not work :) I have a guy at my office who clips his nails at his desk. Ugh!

Turnbaby said...

Nice view.

There is a special circle of hell for gum poppers

Just so ya know