Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sadie's Fall TV Schedule

If you want, get the spreadsheet. (spreadsheet updated 9/26/06)

For reasons I can't begin to name, some people have expressed interest in what I'll be watching on TV this fall. Actually, I can name the reasons... I watch way too much TV, I put way too much thought and effort into TV, I can tell you what all the shows are about, I know what day, time, and network they come in, and I'm more charming than the TV Guide. So...

You should know that I will be employing the services of two DVRs that each record two shows at once, and without the miracle of modern technology, this would all be impossible.

Shows in in italics are on the bubble for various reasons: they're declining in quality, I'm getting bored with them, or I'm just overwhelmed with too many freaking TV shows. They may get skipped if I run out of time, or dropped from the schedule entirely. New shows (in purple) are viewed on a trial basis and may be dropped from my schedule without prior notice. Shows in aqua are the Cry-if-I-miss-it favorites.

Sunday: Football.... and: Amazing Race, Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Without a Trace.

Monday: Prison Break, The Class, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Studio 60 (I have already seen the pilot of this one... looks good).

Tuesday: Dancing with the Stars, Friday Night Lights, The Unit, Veronica Mars, Smith, Law & Order: SVU.

Wednesday: Dancing with the Stars, Bones, 20 Good Years, 30 Rock, LOST, Justice, Criminal Minds, The Nine, Kidnapped.

Thursday: Ugly Betty, Survivor, My Name is Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Shark, Six Degrees.

Friday: Men in Trees, Law & Order.

p.s. Go here for Tummy Tuesday.


Southern Girl said...

Ah, you're a TV addict after my own heart. ;) We have fairly similar taste in TV shows -- I'm big on TAR, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, and The Office, and I'm planning to check out Ugly Betty, Smith, and The Nine, too. A friend of mine works for one of the big networks in NYC and The Nine is her pick for best new show, so I'm anxious to see it.

Lost and Grey's Anatomy used to be aqua for me, too, but I'm afraid they're in italics right now. ;)

Julie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Lost, Earl & Office. Yes, will cry mucho if I miss those! Good picks. :-)

The Hanlons said...

Ok, we so need to compare TV watching....I think you are the only person I know that MIGHT watch more TV than me. althought, i am boycotting FOX - so no FOX shows for me...long story...call me.

Sunday - in addition to the NFL Season pass and all games NFL, TAR, DH, B&S (SO good, no!?)

Monday - Deal or No Deal (the munchkin likes it), DWS, Heroes, CSI: Miami (yes, i like it, Studio 60 - coming back for the last installments of a seriously underappreciated show on May 24th

Tuesday - DWS, VM, Gilmore Girls, Dirt

Wednesday - LOST, Project Runway, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model,

Thursday - Survivor, Grey's, CSI, Smallville

Friday - Numb3rs

I totally LOVED The Nine - bought the pilot off itunes since i missed it and am still mad about the cancellation.