Sunday, October 15, 2006

Costume Contest

Skeezix the Cat is running a Halloween Costume Contest that my sweet Merlin has entered. Please go to The Contest Website and check out all the great entries. And of course, I encourage you to cast your vote for Catzilla Merlin. There are some sweet prizes, including the sponsorship of a underprivileged cat in the winner's name.

Skeezix has also posted information about three Texas cats who need a good home due to a real tragedy. Please go there and read about it (the details are up at Catster, also). Maybe you or someone you know can assist in some way (even by providing transportation).


scribbit said...

The lime on the cat thing cracked me up (is IT a lime or am I way off?) And I love the name Sadie, though it is my Grandmother's middle name and she hates it because of that same song. I'll probably use it on our next child just to honor/spite her :)

cobayo said...

nice blog, i couldnt read the whole thing yet. that cat's great! jaja

foot fetish said...

I love it, so cute!

Now show me your toes!

Irene said...

Oooh....scary cat! I'm rooting for you! :P

Just-Heather said...

That costume is hysterical (and very well-made, it seems).

The Texas cat appeal is so sad. I hope they find good, loving homes. If it's not the Chinese government clubbing dogs to death, or hurricanes displacing pets, it's a sad story like this. *sigh*

Glad I could brighten up your day, anyway. ;)

Sadie said...

Scribbit: Yes, it's a lime. I just can't help but laugh when I see that. And you are one of the few people that knows that song!

Cobayo, foot fetish, irene: Thanks!

Thanks, Heather, I wish I could take credit for making the costume. I'm not nearly that crafty.