Saturday, September 23, 2006

100 Things About Me

In honor of today, my 32nd birthday, I present: Everything you wanted to know about Sadie, and a bunch of stuff you probably didn't...  NOTE:  This was edited and revised in 2008 due to life changing and me wanting this list to be somewhat still accurate.

  1. I was born September 23, 1974. I was more than 2 weeks overdue.
  2. I hate bad southern accents in movies and on TV.
  3. I especially hate the improper use of "y'all." "Y'all" is plural, y'all. Never use it to address one person. That's the point of "y'all." Sheesh.
  4. I don't like sweet tea.
  5. Before I was obsessed with my blog, I was obsessed with my iPod.
  6. Every morning in the shower, I shave one of my legs (I alternate).
  7. If Slackovinia was a country, I'd be its Queen.
  8. Both our vehicles have names (Bruiser & Harriet)
  9. My body parts do not.
  10. I talk to my pets.
  11. Yes, I think they understand me. Mostly.
  12. I like to smell my cat (what? he smells good).
  13. I watch a LOT of television.
  14. My favorite TV shows are "Grey's Anatomy" and "LOST."
  15. When I'm not watching it I read about it.
  16. I don't like to be barefoot, indoors or out. Ever.
  17. And I can't wear just socks, either, I have to have something more substantial between my feet and the floor.
  18. I think that started because my feet were always cold, so I always wore slippers, and now they just don't like to be naked.
  19. I hate that I don't think of funny things to say or good comebacks until it's way too late for them to be effective.
  20. I am extremely non-confrontational anyway.
  21. I can write an excellent mean letter afterwards, though, given the time for consideration and editing.
  22. I love Hot Tamales. They are cinnamony goodness!
  23. I also really like Twinkies.
  24. I was born in Memphis (so was my mother and her mother before her).
  25. I have lived here for all but around six or seven of my thirty-two years.
  26. Yes, I really do like it here.
  27. I have seven (7) nieces but no nephews.
  28. Little boys scare me.
  29. I am therefore convinced that when I have a baby it will be a boy.
  30. The first car that was ever titled in my name was a Honda Accord.
  31. The car I drive now is a Honda Accord.
  32. In between I had three other cars, one of which was a Honda Accord.
  33. The smell of A1 sauce makes my mouth water.
  34. I once (in college) did a shot of A1 sauce.
  35. It wasn't bad.
  36. I love the beach.
  37. But I don't like to swim in the ocean.
  38. I like that I look like my mother.
  39. I think my sister is funniest person I know.
  40. I think Dane Cook is the funniest person I don't know.
  41. I think Heidi Klum is ridiculously beautiful.
  42. I have zero artistic talent for drawing, painting, or sculpting.
  43. I would like to learn about photography.
  44. I was a theatre major for one semester.
  45. I switched and got my bachelor's in Psychology.
  46. I like roller coasters.
  47. I hate mouth noises. Hate.
  48. When my office manager pops her gum (which she does ceaselessly) I can hear it all the way in my office.
  49. It makes me want to kill her.
  50. I also hate the creaky noise our building makes when it's windy. It creeps me out.
  51. I also hate it when a person ends a sentence with "at;" e.g., "Where's it at?"
  52. Ending sentences with other prepositions causes lesser, varying degrees of annoyance.
  53. I can sit on the couch all day watching TV or reading magazines and not get bored.
  54. I subscribe to the following magazines: Redbook, Glamour, Real Simple, US Weekly, Allure, Marie Claire, Cottage Living.
  55. I really like magazines. ;)
  56. I hate, hate, hate to get up in the morning, and I have to watch at least twenty minutes of Matt Lauer before I can motivate myself to do it.
  57. I'm a little obsessed with my nails and cuticles.
  58. If I have a hangnail I have to trim it immediately or I will tear or bite it until it comes off, bleeds, or both.
  59. I clench my jaw in my sleep AND when I'm awake.
  60. I REALLY want to win the lottery. Really. A lot. And I know exactly what I'll do with the money. But I never buy a ticket.
  61. I would love to buy a villa and move to Tuscany à la Frances Mayes.
  62. I pop my knuckles a lot. I can pop them just by bending my fingers.
  63. College basketball is my favorite sport. (Go Tigers!)
  64. I extended my undergraduate education in hopes of being in the pep band at the Final Four. We didn't come close.
  65. I've already asked for vacation for next year's March Madness.
  66. I'm trying to grow out my hair. It grows really slowly.
  67. I chuckle every time I see the picture of the cat with the lime peel helmet in my profile.
  68. I've lived in a lot of different places in my life (at least 25), and I never felt any emotional attachment to any house until the one I have now.
  69. I like the word "wee."
  70. I have hypermobile joints. My Beighton score is 6 (on a scale of 0-9). Most people score less than 2.
  71. I don't like a lot of furniture or clutter in a room, it makes me feel crowded.
  72. I wish I was a better interior decorator. I know if I like something, but I don' t know how to create it at home.
  73. I get headaches if I don't have caffeine in the morning.
  74. But I don't really like coffee.
  75. I'm a total homebody. Love, love, love to hang out at home.
  76. And watch television. Way too much television.
  77. Fall is my favorite season.
  78. My favorite Saturday in the whole year is the first one in the fall when I wake up and it's so chilly in the house that I need to put on a sweatshirt, jeans, wool socks, and curl up under a blanket to watch football.
  79. I find no enjoyment in cooking whatsoever.
  80. Eating, on the other hand...
  81. I do make good meatloaf, though (it's the A1 sauce).
  82. I am not much of an adventurous eater, and I'm not in a hurry to "grow out of it."
  83. My favorite dinner is any sort of pasta with Bolognese sauce. Maybe some mozzarella cheese on top.
  84. I think any food is improved with cheese on top. Except...
  85. I love cheese, I love burgers, but I don't like cheeseburgers.
  86. I eat burgers in a circle around the edges before I will eat the middle (after arranging the pickles in a single, centered layer, so to maximize picklebitage).
  87. Back Yard Burger is my favorite fast food place. Ooh, or maybe Chick Fil A.
  88. Fresca is my favorite soda, but I don't drink it much anymore since my doctor told me I looked "puffy" and I should cut back on sodium.
  89. I gave up Fresca cold turkey that day, and a week later all my rings were loose. Sodium makes a difference.
  90. I usually drink Crystal Light Pink Lemonade. It has no sodium.
  91. I like orange juice with lots of pulp.
  92. I like DiGiorno better than delivery most of the time.
  93. I don't like any sort of nut or anything made with nuts.
  94. That includes peanut butter.
  95. When I was a kid I liked bologna and ketchup sandwiches.
  96. Then I stopped liking them, but I afraid it would hurt Mom's feelings if I told her, so I would wash the ketchup off the bologna in the school cafeteria water fountain and eat the meat plain.
  97. I have to watch TV in bed for a while before I can sleep.
  98. I watch with the sound off and closed captioning on so sudden noises or commercials don't wake me up if I've drifted off.
  99. I also sleep with a sound machine on. Currently set to "hard rain."
  100. Even though I might seem like a crankypants, I am, in general, quite happy.


Morgen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
♥ ♥ ♥

Southern Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Sadie!!

2. Me, too!
4. Ack! ;)
10. Me, too.
11. Of course!
12. Mine does, too!
31. Wow! That's a lot of nieces. I find out Tuesday which flavor of baby I'm getting (niece or nephew).
37. LOVE A1 sauce! I'm just a fan of condiments in general. hee!
67. Go Tigers!
87. I do the same thing. The middle is always the best part, so I save it for last. :)
93. You can just pass me the nuts you don't want -- I've never met one I didn't like.

Fun list! I enjoyed doing mine a while back, too.

Hope you have a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Lord, we have creepy way too much in common.

Were you happy seeing George again on Thursday? Will she choose McDreamy or Finn?

Happy Birthday!


Elaine said...

Happy Birthday to you! (I enjoyed reading and chuckling over your list.)

-Lux's Mom

derekcarney said...

You crack me up. I'm loving the list. I also have that not-quick-enough-with-retorts going on. I get into situations and then hours, days, or weeks later I think of a brilliantly clever comeback. That is so frustrating.

scribbit said...

Happy Happy Birthday!