Wednesday, March 21, 2012



So in my last post I told you about the whole foreclosure situation. Well... it didn't turn out to be "unlikely to affect our date" as I hoped. It completely and TOTALLY affected our date when the insurance company pulled coverage for the venue and it was forced to close. It was even on the news. The owner had been long gone, but the people that managed it were trying to hold it together for the events that had been booked.  But no. 

So I had a very wee anxiety moment (really, held it together pretty well), made some phone calls, my caterer made some phone calls, my day-of coordinator (who is working much harder than just the day of) made some phone calls.  And we got ourselves a spot.  A really good one, actually.  It's a place I hadn't considered because they require you to use their caterer and it's expensive. However, due to the circumstances, they are allowing brides that originally booked the doomed venue to use the space with their own caterers.  Which is really nice.  So that's that.

Fortunately we had only made the deposit payment, and Fella's credit card company is probably going to refund that.  And we were able to pretty easily find a place we liked.  So for us, no major loss.  For that poor bride with only 13 days to find something else, it's crappy.

This wedding is making me tired.