Monday, October 02, 2006

More culling of the TV schedule

As you know if you saw my original TV schedule, there was a LOT of TV that I attempted to watch. This week, with the premiere of LOST (yay!) I've just decided that I'm not going to keep filling up my DVR with stuff I'm not going to watch-- I don't want to risk filling up the hard drive and missing something important. I was actually hoping something would get cancelled! I decided I had to suck it up and do the cancelling myself.

This week I've decided to stop recording "Jericho" and "Kidnapped." I heard a rumor Kidnapped was getting cancelled and Jericho fell victim to my need to stop recording something, ANYTHING. Oh, and "The Class." I actually thought the show was funny, but the canned laughter just irked me to the point of no return.

It's so bad that I still haven't watched the Season Premiere of "Desperate Housewives," though I still have it on my DVR. I also have missed "Dancing with the Stars," though I keep recording it.

Of the new shows that I've actually watched, I'm enjoying "Six Degrees" and "Heroes." I also like "Studio 60," although I missed the second half of last week's episode. We just had a black screen, though we did have sound. I guess there was a problem with the HD feed or something. I also like "Shark," even though it's formulaic and predictable. I'm very much looking forward to "The Nine" premiering this week, and "Friday Night Lights" starts tomorrow. I'm sorry, but Kyle Chandler (-->) and football in one show? Sweet.

Oh, and in Grey's Anatomy news? If you haven't seen last week's episode (or if you're in Canada, if you didn't see the FIRST episode) or if you don't want any information that may be slightly spoilery, don't read this casting announcement. All I can say is "yay!" and yummy.

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