Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Traffic Nightmare

As I posted earlier, tonight after work I had to go to the grocery store. Now, my normal daily commute is about fifteen minutes when traffic is at its worst, so that's not a big deal. I also know all the little tricks to driving that route-- for example, for no apparent reason, no one likes to drive in the right lane, and I can zip in that lane all the way home. However, because I also needed to return a video game to Blockbuster, I thought I'd go to a different, better, grocery store. I even left the office five minutes early, hoping to get a slight jump on the traffic.

Those five minutes were of no use to me. I, apparently, have lost all ability to drive in traffic. I just don't know how anymore, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Truly, I about lost my shit on my fellow drivers. What is up with all those people in all those cars? Do those people drive that route every night? Cause if they do, they should be better at it. Plus, it was dark already, and I hate driving in the dark.

Oh, plus plus, when I got home and picked up the dogs' food dishes, I touched (touched!) one of the three slugs (THREE!) that had taken up residence in Max's bowl during the rain today. Ew.

And I have a new pimple on my lip. Seriously. It appeared while I was driving, I think.

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Bone said...

Eww, our dog's bowl used to have slugs in it, too.

And I always dread driving thru Memphis, because of the traffic.