Monday, April 25, 2011


So, I know I've totally left you all hanging.  And probably you can't sleep at night, just going crazy wondering what's up in my life. 


So... Fella is indeed still awesome. 

My friends and I talk about him (of course we do) and we wonder and wait for something to be wrong with him.  The only thing so far is that he and I do not have the same political leanings... but we agree on the things that are very most important to me, so I'm okay with it. For the time being.  Oh, and he eats too fast.  Like he's racing someone.  Like his parents took his plate away before he was finished as a child or something.  He (and they) assure me this is not the case, but dude. 

There have been multiple times in the past couple of years that I have thought I'd never get to this point with someone.  I hoped. But I'm not sure I ever really thought I'd get here. We're talking rings and  mortgages and babies.  And it doesn't freak me out. 

I've still got a wall, though. He knows it, I know it.  It's there.  He saw it go up, right about the time I figured out that I really liked him.  It's crumbling, but he still bumps into it sometimes- when he does something nice for me (like, ahem, CLEANING MY HOUSE which sent me for a loop) or says something so sweet you'd think it's from some teenage girl's dream diary.  But I'm starting to think that I could handle getting used to this...