Wednesday, May 02, 2012



Three days to go.

Things have pretty much fallen into place, though I feel like I've been going eleventy million different directions, especially the past week.  I've been trying to work as much as possible, and stay focused on my cases, but it's just hard.

Today we delivered the alcohol to the caterer- our last major task.  I have a few errands left, but nothing much.  I've picked up my dress, confirmed with every vendor, met with the DJ, made all the place cards, pre-rehearsed with the priest and the church lady, etc. I've written thank you notes for all the gifts we received before today.

We had people who had previously said they were coming call to say they weren't, people who had never RSVPed finally say they WERE coming, the first people who changed their mind about coming decided that they could, in fact, come, another couple called to cancel... and if I had to rearrange those tables and the seating chart one more time I thought I'd scream.  A couple times I've gotten overwhelmed and was ready to kill someone (Fella, my clients, Fella...) but it passed quickly and for the most part I've been pretty calm.  I had a dream that the wedding flowers were ugly and I was very very sad.  I keep reminding myself that flowers are not crucial.

They sure are nice, though. ;)

It at once feels far away and unbelievably imminent. I at once feel exhausted and wired.  P will be here tomorrow. My family is here.  My checklist has been mostly checked, there is not much else I can do to prepare.

I am ready.