Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Miscellany

Why do student sections chant "Over-Rated" when they're beating a ranked team? Isn't that like saying "You can't be that good if we can beat you, cause we suck!" Doesn't seem like something to be proud of, is all.

As I was watching Texas and Nebraska play in the snow I realized: I've never been to a football game in the snow. I've been very hot, very cold, or very wet, but never with snow. I wanna live where it snows! Just for a little while.

I got nothin' about the Tigers. There's nothing to say, really.

I'm tired of the Colts. I really like Petyon Manning's commercials (especially the one where he asks the grocery guy to sign the melon) but, seriously. They bore me. They need to lose or something. Manning takes a hit that made me cringe, looked like it should break his neck and his arm and he just... comes back into the game? What? They need some drama in Indianapolis.

My current favorite football names: Houshmandzadeh, Polamalu, and Taz Knockum.


Southern Girl said...

Don't worry -- the Colts will lose, eventually. If history repeats itself, it'll in the play-offs or the Super Bowl. *sniff* And Peyton gets hurt and goes right back into the game because he's Da Man! (And my former #2 Pretend Boyfriend. *g*)

Morgen said...

Never been to a football game in the snow? I can remember LOTS of football games in the snow -- maybe that is why I don' like football now...
I wish I could send today's flurries to you!

Janna said...

I'm so surprised that Morgen didn't respond by sayind "Snow is evil."
That's what he always tells ME when I post happy things about snow.
I'm with you-- snow is fun. :)