Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vote for Merlin!

So Merlin's got himself in another contest. That crazy cat. Click on the icon above to go vote for him. Just click on one to five paws (might I suggest FIVE paws) and then click VOTE in each category. He was a very late entry, so all the help he can get is appreciated. You do have to register with Catster to vote, but I don't think they'll do anything nasty with your information. Thanks!

1 comment:

andria said...

You are dressing the kitty up for Halloween aren't you?

When we lived in WV sans kids we had a glass door and we would sit on the porch and hand out candy while my dog sat inside dressed as Batman and kitty had an angel costume. The whole neighborhood thought we were crazy but they loved coming and seeing our "babies". This neighborhood is just weird. We did it the first year, with a baby too, and they thought we were just deranged. I think that was the beginning of the end for us here in this neighborhood.