Thursday, December 08, 2011


Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote something. Since my last post on October 26, Fella and I moved in together to our new house, I hosted Thanksgiving for his parents and grandmother (and y'all, I cooked. A turkey and everything), and have mostly unpacked and settled in.  Things are going remarkably smoothly with the whole living together thing.  If I can just get him to do things EXACTLY THE WAY I DO THEM, we'll be all good. :)

We've been doing the premarital counseling thing, which is mandatory in our church (and also saves us $60 on the marriage license) and wedding plans are, for the most part, falling right into place.  The reception location has been reserved, the photographer too.  Caterer and florist are pretty much selected, but not quite booked.  Dress purchased. Invitations chosen (I think). Everything went pretty well, except for the one major argument about whether we REALLY needed thank you cards with our names on them (of course we do) and then that one time where the guest list doubled in the course of one phone call from one aunt.  But other than that...

We're going to my sister's house for Christmas, and I'm excited for our first Christmas together.  Then to ASPEN FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE I AM SO VERY EXCITED. 

Other than that, no new developments really. No major revelations about life or love this time. :)