Monday, October 07, 2013


As Gayle pointed out to me... I have completely neglected this blog.  I do think most of my readers are also my FB friends so you've seen baby pics (if you're not, shout out!).  But there are things I share here that I would not share on FB, so I do have stuff to tell. :)

I am tired. And this is my third day back at work and I am less than thrilled about it.  Obviously, even if I loved my work I would be sad to leave the world's cutest baby at home, but it's even harder when I feel the way I do feel about work.  Which is that work is STINKY.  And so again, I find myself looking for something more tolerable.  If I'm going to leave my baby behind every day I would at least like to not hate where I'm going.

As for leaving the baby, I'm very very lucky to be leaving her at our home with my mother. I am grateful for that peace of mind.  Mom has been at our house almost every day since the baby was born, hanging out with me while Fella is at work, so they know each other well.  And I know that BG (Baby Girl) has someone that would throw herself in front of a bus for her.  So that helps.

I'll tell the birth story soon (back labor, vomit and C Section oh my!), I just have to finish remembering all of it-- it's coming back to me in bits and pieces.

Here she is, my sweet angel.