Monday, October 02, 2006

Fun with Grammar

For my fellow grammar geeks out there, one of my favorite websites has a new entry about usage. I found it particularly amusing and offers (funny) tips on some frequent errors. Is it weird that I think this kind of thing is fun?

Non-geeks check it out too. Her website is very well written, remarkably funny and not usually grammar related (she's also one of the folks in charge at Television Without Pity).


Morgen said...

Fun With Grammar: must be my inner English Major, but I love stuff like this!

ps: Sadie, you've been tagged for a WORK meme at Purrchance To Dream. Have fun!

Jolee said...

LOVE the grammar. I too am obsessed. I got in a fight once with someone online who would not accept (because I live in the South but did not grow up here) that it is Y'ALL and not YA'LL. If you type ya'll, it is not a contraction of anything. It is not about being from the South-- it is about understanding what an apostrophe does!

Anyways. Whew.

Sarah said...

Heh. It appears I'm my cat.