Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I got nothing to report.

There are no signs of any action on baby's part, and I'm just fine with that for now.  I'm not in a hurry.  I still have some stuff to take care of at the house, and in my brain.  I'm good and done at the office, though. :) It could be today... it could be in two weeks.  Who knows.  4 days until estimated due date, and no induction is planned as long as she is doing well...

I'm still feeling pretty good-- I can tell a difference in my back pain, and that's about it, honestly.  I'm not super uncomfortable.  I was pretty tired for a while, but the past few days I've not been (is that nesting? does that mean something?  EVERYTHING MUST BE ANALYZED). Pretty much I'm trying to tie up loose ends, stock the house with various whatever items (better buy toothpaste, might need some in the next million years), think of all the things I might need to think of and take care of...

Just didn't want y'all wondering if anything was up.  I can't promise I'll post something here too soon after she makes her debut, but I'll try (if you're my FB friend, as most of you are I think, you'll know as soon as crucial announcements have been made to family members). 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Month Ten

Well, here I am, good and pregnant, and have been such a negligent blogger.  I know I will probably regret not doing a better job of keeping track of the past several months, but honestly I feel like there's just really not that much to tell.  I know that sounds crazy, but things have been... uneventful. 

I like being pregnant.  I'm happier. I love feeling her move around.  I am going to be sad when I don't have that feeling anymore.  When I don't have her, all to myself, tucked up safe inside where I know where she is and what she's doing at all times.  When I no longer have so much control.

 There is only one reason I want her to come out any earlier than her due date, and that is so I can quit coming to the office. :)

There have been no signs that she's interested in coming out any time soon. I'm not dilated a bit.  Of course, they say that means nothing, I could still go into labor "at any time."  But I'm pretty sure I shouldn't expect her early.  Or on time.

I keep waiting for my nesting instinct to truly kick in, so I get the last little bits of her room finished. There are two pieces of furniture that need to be painted (Fella is supposed to do them, but I made the mistake of letting him know that my mom said that she and my stepdad would paint them if they remained undone when they get to town in 2 weeks, so I don't know if they will get done).  There are a few more of the THINGS that we need to have relatively soon.  Like a bathtub and baby wipes. And a few more of the things that we need less urgently, like extra bases for the car seat so all the baby's various chauffeurs have one. But we have all the things that are, like, REQUIRED.  The car seat, since they won't let us leave the hospital with her otherwise, and it would suck to have to leave her behind.  And we have a place for her to sleep.  And we have clothes, diapers, and boobs. Should be all set.

Can't believe how close it is.  Can't believe I'm about to be somebody's mother.  Can't believe that the whole world is about to morph and change color...