Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Various and Sundry Items

I love those Jimmy Dean commercials. The ones where the guy is the Sun? Hilarious. They make me laugh early in the morning, and that is not an easy task (the "why?" one is my favorite).

"Some people contend it's too early for basketball. Not in this town, it's not." Truer words were never said. And I'm ready. Less than a month remains before the first regular season game. I see we have Arkansas State on the schedule at the end of November. Bring it on, my blue wearing hoopsters. Bring. It. On.

Speaking of Arkansas State, I thought I was recovering from a crappy football experience, but I gotta give it up for Arizona Cardinals fans. Dude. That sucked. It was one thing losing a close game in the final seconds (or actually, after the final seconds) but to lose a 20 point lead? In 22 minutes? You win, Arizona Cardinals fan, you win.

Special K snack bars are really tasty. Like Rice Krispy treats, really.

TV schedule update: I'm giving up on "Without a Trace" and "Ugly Betty." "Criminal Minds" is gone too. I really meant to watch "Dancing with the Stars" but it just didn't happen, although I plan to tune in tonight and see what Sara Evans has to say, poor woman. I still haven't watched "The Amazing Race" but I'm saving all the episodes on my DVR for a marathon some weekend. I am finally catching up on some "Desperate Housewives" so it looks like it'll get to stay on the schedule for now. My spreadsheet looks so much more manageable than it did 2 months ago!

Look at this punkin. Isn't he cute?


Carmen said...

well, i'll put a plug in for the amazing race. I hope you like it.

Those jimmy dean commercials are pretty cute - as is that little kitty!

Southern Girl said...

I'm more than ready to see some Tiger basketball, too!

And that IS an awfully cute punkin...almost as cute as this Pumpkin:


Lois Grebowski said...

"...because I have to light and heat the earth..."

That sends me roaring. So subtle, but witty! Oh and I love the "don't burn it" one too!

Matt said...

I saw the end of the MNF game and I couldn't stop laughing. It was like watching the Bears and Cardinals acting out the Waterboy with Brian Urlacher starring as Bobby Boucher. Although I guess that means Lovie Smith was Henry Winkler.

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Sarah said...

Cute cat! I wanted an orange cat, but the BF said I could get any cat I wanted except an orange cat. (This is the only cat-related opinion he has expressed ever, so I wonder what that orange cat of the past did to piss him off!)

Still think they're cute.

Neila said...

Amazing Race is my husband's all-time favorite show. He has every season available on DVD.

The only new show I have been able to get into this season is Heroes. I love that one. With that and Prison Break on Mondays, my DVR gets a true workout. I have to tape them both so I can actually watch them after the kids go to bed!!

Sadie said...

Carmen: I'm sure I'll like it, I've watched every other season of TAR, just haven't felt the urge this year yet.

Southern Girl: he is a cutie!

Lois: That's my favorite! That and the "partly cloudy." "No, I think it's going to be mostly me."

Matt: It was sad! I always root for the underdog though.

Sarah: that is curious. Maybe he was traumatized by Marvin the Frisky's cat or something.

Neila, I like both of those shows, too! I miss Prison Break, I'm ready for baseball to be over.