Monday, October 16, 2006


How cool am I? Very cool.

In the interest of using my fame-for-a-day for the powers of good, I would like to direct you to Skeezix, who has also posted information about three Texas cats who need a good home due to a real tragedy. Please go there and read about it (the details are up at Catster, also). Maybe you or someone you know can assist in some way (even by providing transportation).

Two months ago when I started this blog (and Merlin's) I had no idea how much I would enjoy it, and how many people I would meet. It's been really incredible.

Thanks to my friend Morgen at It's a Blog Eat Blog World for the kind review. If only the Gum Popper knew she was famous now! Hee.


Morgen said...

Congrats, Sadie!
Yours was the most fun I had with a review in a long time! Maybe because I've read every one of your posts already and had fun re-visiting many of them!
Enjoy (I knew you'd want to have something new for your sidebar!) your Bestest Day!
♥ ~morgen

Benny said...

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Thank You,
Keep up the good work!

Neila said...

Congratulations, Sadie!! I always love reading your blog!

andria said...

Impressive. I think it was the cat picture that did it for you. LOL.

here's how i do it said...

I love your blogs! And, OK, I love cats, too. I'll post some pics and a cat blog this week. I volunteer in a pet shelter in our neighborhood. Last Saturday, I planned to take pictures but I ran out of battery power, argh! Anyway, I'll drop by again once I've entered my post about cats.