Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blog Peeps

Morgen posted on Friday about his blog friendships. I'm not going to get all mushy or anything, but I did want to give a few shout outs. If nothing else, I thought I'd give their blogs a plug. Check them out if you get the chance.

Andria was my first blog friend, and I don't even know how she stumbled across my blog. But she did. She was the first "stranger" to leave a comment ("that does suck about your thumb"), and... the rest is blog history I guess. Her blog is where I discovered Thursday Thirteen. She's funny, she's a smartass, she's got little boys that are cutie patooties... If ever I do have a baby, I will count on her for much guidance and comic relief.

I don't remember how I discovered Sarah's blog, but I do remember that I really liked it and I commented a lot right away, and I was afraid she was going to think I was a crazy blog stalker. She might have. She might still, I guess. She's a writer, and I really like to read her posts... about waiting tables, her cat Jolee, her sci-fi addiction, and post-Katrina life in New Orleans. Among other things.

Morgen. Ah, Morgen. It's Morgen's fault if I get fired for blogging memes instead of working. Of course, if he didn't tag me my feelings would be hurt. ;) Morgen and I became instant blog friends and future in-laws upon his cat Daphne's falling madly in love with Merlin. He was then sucked into the cat blogosphere and now we're both addicted with no hope of recovery. On his own blog, he's always smart and funny, and has interesting things going on (I highly recommend one frequently featured topic in particular). Morgen and I need to trade cities for a while, cause he thinks snow is evil. I bet he doesn't even eat snow cream.

Neila I found through Morgan. I decided she was my new best friend when she had a Thursday Thirteen revealing her need (one I share) for hospital corners in bed making. She apparently also has a baby toe like mine, and enough OCD tendencies to make me think we were separated at birth. She has a lot of hilarious stay-at-home-mom stories.

Mya Pinyan is not really my blog friend. She's my real life sister, and she's just getting started with the blogging thing. She is the funniest person I know and she's mother to the world's cutest child (I'm not biased, it's just the truth). I tagged her with the Weird Meme, and she had trouble coming up with nine things, but her baby toes are just like mine, and the nails on her index fingers curl (so do mine) so there's two she could have included. ;)

So. Thanks y'all, for reading, commenting, and posting. You make my days a lot more enjoyable, and I appreciate it!


Sarah said...

Haha, I don't think you're a blog stalker! But I'm still trying to resist the cat blogosphere. The pull of the cat blogosphere is strong... lol.

Neila said...

Mmmmm . . . snow cream. Okay, that is the one upside to snow. I have not had that since I was a little girl!

Thank you for the shout-out, Sadie. I don't know what I would do without my blog buddies!! You guys are awesome!

Morgen said...

Sadie, thanks for the shout out & the link!
Snow cream... goodness, I haven't had that in YEARS. I could've made snow cream this morning off my windshield --- three inches of snow on the windshield and it's not even frickin' November yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I feel better...
I'd gladly change cities for a while.
And I'd even glady take Merlin for a stroll each evening!
♥ your friend,

andria said...

Thanks for the plug.

I found you through the next blogger button. Totally random, ain't that weird?

Being called a smart ass is the best compliment I could ever receive. Really.

Cat said...

Oh wow...someone mentioned snow cream! I love that stuff and now that I live in Colorado it's a seasonal treat. I had no idea it existed in my childhood.

I was mistreated! :)