Tuesday, February 21, 2012


And the hits just keep on coming.

In December, the lady that is baking our wedding cakes (the aunt of a friend) lost her sister (my friend's mother) to a stroke and has been a bit out of pocket since that time. Completely understandable of course, and no biggie, I know she'll be there when it counts.  But I still don't know how much my cake is going to cost, she hasn't given me a quote yet.

In January, my florist's 47 year old husband unexpectedly died. I am assured that she is pouring herself into her work to help herself heal and I should not be concerned about my flowers.  But I haven't really gotten confirmation on that yet.

This weekend I learned my reception venue is in foreclosure, but the bank is allowing events to go forward until the process is complete, PLEASE TAKE MORE THAN 74 DAYS THANK YOU.  Someone is apparently trying to buy it and if he is successful intends to continue business as usual.  It is unlikely this will affect our date.  But REALLY?  Come on, man.

I feel like I should contact my photographer, caterer, DJ and priest and make sure everyone's family members and finances are in good health.