Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I don't have anything to blog about today. It's rainy. President Clinton's coming to town tomorrow and I can't go. It's Halloween and I don't have any candy. Nobody in my office has even acknowledged it's Halloween. I don't have anything good to eat for lunch and I don't want to go out in the rain for something either. Tonight I have to go grocery shopping and that's no fun. I swear, after that I'm going to take a bubble bath and give myself a pedicure to make myself feel better. In the meantime...

I know I just posted a kitten yesterday, but I'm trying to battle the grumpy today, so here's a whole basket of kittehs. Gotta fight fire with fire, people.


Morgen said...

sending you a big
for Halloween

now I know why Merlin's been so 'fectionate with you: you needed the luvving!

did you check out the top 12 at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World
Maybe that would put a :) on your face.

Or else go pop gum-smacker one in the mouth and say you were whacked out on chocolate. I'm sure you'd feel better if you decked her one.

love ya,

Carmen said...

if that doesn't help you fight the grumpies, nothing will!

Neila said...

Look on the bright side. Tonight, when you go grocery shopping, you can probably get a lot of candy at 50% off!!

Sarah said...

What kind of office doesn't acknowledge Halloween?!! Horrors! I myself am trying to wade through hours of work so I can go out to a party dressed as a cabaret girl... but I think I'd never go out again if I had a basket of kittens. Because they are too cute.