Friday, August 25, 2006

17 Things

Okay, you might think, so your thumb hurts. Big deal, right? What do you need your thumb for all that much, anyway? Well, since I hurt my thumb, I've discovered more than a few things that, sometimes unexpectedly, become remarkably more difficult when my thumb is in pain and/or useless due to the splint I'm wearing:
1. Using the space key when typing
2. Turning a key in a car
3. Holding a cup (the larger the cup the more difficult it is)
4. Squeezing toothpaste from a tube
5. Squeezing shampoo (or facial cleanser, or anything) from a bottle
6. Turning a doorknob
7. Downward facing dog
8. Using a hair dryer
9. Putting my hair in a ponytail
10. Holding your computer mouse
11. Shifting gears in the car
12. Carrying... anything
13. Picking up a 15 pound cat
14. Pushing buttons on the remote
15. Turning the on/off knob on a lamp
16. Scrubbing dishes
17. Closing a Ziploc


andria said...

That does suck about your thumb.

andria said...

Hey, thanks for directing me to the tv site. Love that, have never seen it before AND I actually got a dollar bill on the tollway from the wheres george. That is so cool. We put it in the ashtray so we wouldnt' use it until we could get home and look it up and then my dang dad took off without to buy a bag of chips. Gee Thanks. Haven't ran across another since.

Lois Grebowski said...

not going to ask how you injured your thumb...out hitching on the hwy or at truck stops again, huh?

Sadie said...

Andria, you can always enter your own bills there, and if you register the site will notify you if someone enters the serial number again.

Now, Lois, don't be giving away my secrets! ;)

Actually, I'm unsure of how I injured it, exactly. I've been blaming the cat, but I don't really know.