Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer TV Update

In my last Summer TV post, I forgot to mention that Big Love starts soon. It airs on HBO, beginning June 11 at 9/8 pm. I love Big Love. You can catch up on old episodes right now, especially if you have HBO On Demand, and they're also on DVD. Who'd have thought that a show about polygamy would be so good? Goes to show you never can tell.

There also a show on FX-- Damages. It starts July 24 at 10pm ET and it stars Glenn Close. It's also about lawyers, so that's always fun. Entertainment Weekly calls it the Prison Break of legal thrillers. Sounds like a good one to me.

Traveler already started, but you've only missed a few episodes and you can watch them for free online. I read that it will only last like eight episodes or something, so it's not a major commitment. And so far it's pretty good. At least if it's conceived as a mini-series, we might actually get all the way through it and solve the mystery before the show disappears.

OH! And Starter Wife. It's a mini series that's already started, too, but only one episode and they're re-airing it like crazy on USA til episode 2 airs Thursday night at 9/8.

Update: The Starter Wife premiere is on again Thursday June 7 at 5pm ET (then the new episode is on at 9pm ET). You can also watch it online. http://www.usanetwork.com/ Looks like on Thursday the 14th, they're repeating the premiere AND this week's episode before the new one. It appears that will be the regular deal, they'll replay the episodes every Thursday before they air the new one. The finale airs on June 28.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Did you watch "Starter Wife"? I actually meant to check that one out and lost track of when it was supposed to be on. I looked on our onDemand stuff and it's not there. Called myself looking at the tvguide for the first one, and didn't see it. If you saw it, did you like it?! :)

Have a great day!

NOLADawn said...

Loved The Starter Wife. So good to see Debra Messing back on tv.