Monday, December 04, 2006

Well then.

I guess I was wrong. I do need a new iPod! I took Max for a walk today, and my fully charged iPod died before I could listen to an entire 17 minute Grey's Anatomy podcast. That sucked. I guess I could just get the battery replaced. That would be the prudent thing to do, right? But a new one would be cool... Cause it only works while it's plugged in. And that pretty much defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Speaking of Max, he is so cute. And energetic. It is just about impossible for me to wear him out-- my stamina (or tolerance for the cold) always runs out before his. But at least he keeps my speed up... No way I can slow down with him tugging on that leash.

He is fun to watch with other park visitors. When we meet other dogs on the path, he never advances, always waits to be approached. And he never growls or barks unless the other dog starts it. If he is approached with happy faces, butt sniffs and wagging tails, he reciprocates. But if somedog is not friendly, he knows when to move along. When Coco is with us, Max is nothing but super friendly. Coco's the "mean" one, so Max can greet all comers with kisses and tail wags, secure in the knowledge that Coco has her eye on things. But when we're alone, he steps up the protection level. He usually doesn't acknowledge or try to meet other people on the trail, but he does move between me and the others. There have been a couple of times we've come across some unsavory looking characters. Once, Max came to a complete stop, stiff tailed and everything, staring down the guy. I don't know if he sensed my nerves or if he didn't trust the guy either, but he wasn't looking away. It's sweet, but its kind of funny because he doesn't look very vicious, and it's not like golden retrievers have the reputation of pit bulls. I mean, look at that face. Scared?


Desert Songbird said...

Well, I certainly hope you get your new iPod -- I would HATE if I had to do without mine.

Your pup is adorable. It's been almost one whole year (Dec 18, 2005) since I had to put down my "pup." Our black Lab was our first baby, and when she got sick last year at age 13, it broke my heart. I haven't had the heart to bring a new one into our lives.

Morgen said...

what a cutie!
You're lucky to have such good company for your walks -- even if it's not Merlin in a stroller!

by the way -- did you just
at my school picture from the 70's?
thirty lashes with a wet noodle!


Lois Grebowski said...

Wook at dat smile!

What a cutie pie!