Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random Bits

No Thursday Thirteen for me today. I just can't think of a topic, and I'm just not going to rack my brain for one. Maybe next week...

Jennifer Hudson? Amazing. I cannot wait to see Dreamgirls. She was on TODAY this morning, and she's just incredible. Good for her, I say. I hope she wins the Golden Globe.

I just started watching "Men in Trees," and I like it so far! It's cute. I apologize to those of you that are fans, though, because if I start watching something its chances of cancellation rapidly escalate. Sorry about that!

The big news around here? Merlin's getting a brother! I tried to tell you people that if somebody didn't adopt him he was going to end up living with us. He's so cute, and he looks just like Merlin. Here's an adorable picture of his adorable self.


Sarah said...

Awwww... there is a rumor that I might be allowed to get a kitten for Christmas. Maybe. But I couldn't get it for another month because I'll be out of town.

So we'll see. I love how significant others see it as their job to control the cat lady craving.

Southern Girl said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations on the new arrival! What a cutie pie he is. I just love it when cats sleep on their back like that. :)

Morgen said...


Anonymous said...

If what you said is true STOP watching Men in Trees immediately!! I love that show.

On another note, Merlin's new baby brother is a cutie pie :)