Monday, August 06, 2007

Manic Monday: Seven Lies My Mother Told Me

Today's Manic Monday word:

I have gone from being meme queen to meme slacker lately. Mo always tags me, and I always LOVE it. When he doesn't tag me, I always self-tag. But lately, you know, I've been a busy bee and I have just been entirely delinquent. So. Since he did this meme to redeem his past non-meme-doings, I'm taking up on the same deal. I'm supposed to list ten lies that my mother told me.

Plus, it fits with Manic Monday, so yay!

Here we go!

Dude. Blogger's license. I'm going to flip this around and do lies I told my mother instead. It's just way easier. And I'm still struggling to come up with ten. Because I was such an honest kid. :)

  1. "Can you sign this piece of paper? I'm making an autograph book and I need your autograph." After which I wrote, above her signature, some sort of something for school. I can't even remember what that was for.
  2. "I have to do a book report for school." Yeah. I was in 2nd grade, and I didn't have that assignment. I just wanted to do a project. I even made up the book too. As eternal punishment for that lie, while I was working on it I stabbed myself with a pencil and still have that little piece of pencil lead in my hand.
  3. "There will be a chaperone." I totally went to an honor band weekend senior year at Tennessee Tech with no adult supervision. Our band director didn't even go. Just four of us in one car and we got our own hotel rooms. And you know the dorkiest part? We actually went to the honor band. And didn't miss any rehearsals. Dorks.
  4. "I'm spending the night with Denise."
  5. "We fell asleep watching a movie, that's why I missed curfew."
  6. "I already did my homework." Look, I know these last two are pretty standard and everything, but seriously. How many lies can I be expected to fess up to in one post?
  7. "Yes, I made the car payment (on the loan you cosigned)." Sorry about that one, Mom. I didn't know they'd call you and threaten repossession the week before Christmas.

Sorry I just came up with 7. Either I was a very honest kid or I have selective memory...


Bond said...

congrats on your Bestest Results and for being a friend to The Couch

Morgen said...

Oh, I'm sure it's selective memory!

Glad to see you back in the blogging saddle!

Matt said...

Wait, wait, wait.

You lied to give yourself more homework?

You were one messed up 2nd grader.