Friday, December 15, 2006

Lady of Leisure No Longer

Well, on Monday it's back to work for me. Somebody remind me that this is a good thing. Seven weeks of unemployment is enough, right? I must be bored staying home all day, right? Um, not so much, really.

There are good things...
  • I'll actually be making (slightly) more money than I did before.
  • It's good to have money. The mortgage company will like that.
  • It's a contract position, which means they'll likely be flexible about my schedule, which will be handy when classes start next month.
  • And in March for the NCAA tournament.
  • Though the drive is longer than I'm used to, it should be against the traffic most times so I won't have to lose my shit and kill any fellow commuters.

The bad things?
  • I'll be lawyering, which... blech.
  • I have to dig my suits out of the back of my closet.
  • And wear pantyhose.
  • And drive at least 40 minutes (I think, I have to test it) each way.
  • It's a contract position, and I don't know how long it will last (at least 3 months is the prediction)
  • I will miss watching Ellen everyday.
  • I can't spend my whole day reading my favorite blogs. :(
  • Merlin (and his soon to be adopted little brother) will miss me!

But when the paychecks start I'll probably be happy about it. Or at least, it'll certainly ease the pain! And so will the new iPod that I'll be able to afford now. ;)


Southern Girl said...

Congratulations on going back to work! sympathies on going back to work. ;)

Desert Songbird said...

Congrats on the new position. We'll miss you during the day, but it's probably a good thing that you can pay the bills, lawyer chick.

I heard the goofiest thing today: I saw my friend MM at school after dismissal, and I asked her how her day was. She says, "Man, it was rough. I spent the day watching the cleaning ladies clean the house."


andria said...


You can always tivo Ellen.

Neila said...

I'm pretty sure they run Ellen again at night on Oxygen.

Hopefully you will really like the job and meet fascinating people. But if not, I'm sure there are more ways out there you can make money. Cough cough *passion* cough *parties* cough.

;-) Neila

Carmen said...

i think the paycheck will be the swing vote. :) Merlin's getting a brother? How cool!

ali said...

so, i can stop being jealous that you get to sit around in your pajamas and stuff your face all day, then? :)