Monday, June 11, 2007

Traveler Recap, Episode 2

A friend of mine fell asleep before the end of the 2nd episode of Traveler, so I recapped it for her. Then she missed the 3rd episode so I recapped THAT for her. Then I thought it might become a regular thing. And then I thought, why not share the recaps with you? If you missed the pilot you can read a recap that I didn't write here. Here's Episode 2:

Jay and Tyler sneak through the woods to to Carlton's house (Tyler's Dad) and Carlton introduces them to a bald guy who looks like a Bad Guy. But Carlton tells them that he hired a firm that is excellent at covering up bad scandals, and that half of the country's congressman own this firm their careers. So Bad Guy wants to give Tyler and Jay polygraph tests, which they take even though they don't want to. During the questioning he asks Jay if Jay blames the government for his dad's death (Jay doesn't answer), and he also asks Tyler if he knew that Will knew Carlton (also doesn't answer). Tyler also talks about how one time Will showed him how to make a tiny little explosive to break into a friend's apartment, but it was just a prank. Bad Guy tells them that he thinks they should leave the country and go to Switzerland until this is all straightened out, and they agree, even though Jay really doesn't want to b/c he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend (Kim) is being questioned by the FBI. She's explaining that Jay didn't do anything wrong, she knew Will Traveler, etc. Finally, main FBI guy takes her back to her apartment and it's all torn up from being searched. He tells her that this will be her life until Jay is found.

So Jay and Tyler get in the car with Bad Guy to go to the private plane to fly to Switzerland. They are driving down a back road when a police car approaches. Bad Guy tells them to stay down and out of sight and gets out of the car to talk to the police officer. When the officer walks past Bad Guy and comes toward the car, Bad Guy puts two bullets in her back. The guys realize that Bad Guy is Bad, and so they run out of the car, through the woods, and hide in the small airplane hangar. Bad Guy finds them there, and he and Jay wrestle and fight, Bad Guy has a big old gun with a silencer. Tyler finally gets it together and smacks Bad Guy unconscious. Bad Guy wakes up in the hangar, tied up, and Jay and Tyler are asking him who is he, who does he work for, and Tyler wants to know if Carlton knew about this.

Also, the FBI is trying to find Jay and Tyler, and raid three of Carlton's homes. However, the one they are in is off the grid and the FBI doesn't know it exists. Later, they find the car the boys abandoned and discover the nearby property owned by Carlton's company. And head off for it, but we know that the guys are already gone.

Bad Guy tells Tyler that Tyler has much bigger things to worry about than Carlton. Bad Guy's cell phone rings, and Jay makes him answer it. The voice on the other end says, "Do you have the packages?" and Bad Guy says, "It's done."

I'm not sure what they do with Bad Guy, I might have missed it if they killed him or just left him, but the guys are driving off in Bad Guy's car. Tyler wants to go back to Carlton's, and Jay realizes that Tyler has no idea how to function without his Dad and stand on his own two feet. Jay tells him that it's just the two of them now, and they can't go back. Tyler nods and they drive off.

At the end, a cell phone rings and we see the face of a man answer it (played by Neal McDonough, so you know his role will be big). The person on the other end says that Tyler and Jay are dead. The man says "Good," puts the phone back in his pocket, and walks into the Department of Homeland Security.

The End.

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