Tuesday, August 21, 2007

$50,000 Question

Trav tagged Morgen and Morgen tagged me for this meme. Here's what the meme is about:

A philanthropist awards you $50,000 with the stipulation that you may use half of it for yourself and the other half you must use for the benefit of others. By "benefit of others" it can mean anything really, buying a gift for a family member or donating to a charity.

My note: "you may use half of it for yourself." That means that I don't have to use ANY of it on myself. But I will. :)

A. How do you spend the money on yourself?
Honestly? Paying off debt. And maybe throw a vacation in there. To someplace tropical and fruity and all-inclusive. But that would include Mr. Incredible, so it would partially in the "for others" category...

B. How do you use the money for others?
I'd make donations to animal shelters and places like House of Mews in Memphis.

I'd also take my sister and my mom on a "NYC in the fall" trip like we've been planning for ages and never taken. But since I'd go too, that would be partially for myself. There is much overlap here.

C. If you were to spend part of your money to have a performer do a show for you, who would it be and why?
What kind of "show" are we talking about here? Cause Chris Daughtry would be involved.

D. If you were to use it on a new vehicle for yourself, what kind?
I don't know. I like our two current vehicles. Maybe I'd trade Harriet for a Honda Ridgeline. Again, I'm working in a $25,000 limit, right? Cause that's extremely, well, limiting. Since Mr. Incredible would really really like the Ridgeline, does this come under the "for others" side?

E. If you spent part of it to go to a "fantasy" camp, what type would you choose?
Is there country music singer fantasy camp? Cause that's what I would want. That would kick ass.

F. If you were to use it to buy season tickets for a sports team, what team would it be?
MEMPHIS BASKETBALL TIGERS. Of course, that would only be partially for myself, because my friends would get to use them when I didn't, which would be all the time, because I live 1500 miles away. But I could use them whenever I want to visit. So that counts as not for myself. How bout the Denver Broncos? That'd be sweet. And make Mr. Incredible happy as well. See how this is working out, both of those purchases could come out of the "for others" category.

G. If you were to use it to go on a cruise (assuming you like cruises) where would you cruise to?
Alaska. Or Greece. Or maybe around the whole world. Damn, I wish dude gave me $50 million instead of just $50,000. Cause I could cruise a lot farther on that.

H. If you were to use it to go to NYC to see a show (or shows) what would you see?
Current shows? Er... Dunno. I haven't been paying proper attention to new shows in a while. I want to see Wicked. And pretty much if it's a Broadway Musical, I want to see it. Les Mis is my all time favorite, but I've seen that eleventy times. Though never actually ON Broadway, so maybe that would make it all complete.

I. Totally off subject (but since Fall is coming) what is your favorite carnival food?
Pronto Pups, no question.

I was not given instructions on how many to tag, or even that I HAD to tag. So... I'm leaving this one up for grabs. If you wanna play, have at it!


Morgen said...

Thanks for being a good sport about me meme-tagging you!
What is a Pronto Pup?

And yeah, this philanthropy thing is great, but do they realize HOW quick I could burn through 50k?
That's kinda sad and scary at the same time, isn't it?
50 million - now THAT's what I'm talkin' about, baby!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'd give money to an animal shelter too. I knew you were a kindred spirit :)

I love pronto pups too (corn dogs, for those who aren't familiar with that term). They are the main thing I want to go to our state fair for. And I eat SEVERAL of them, from different stands :)

Brad said...

What? You MOVED? No one ever tells me anything. I thought you were still my neighbor.