Friday, June 01, 2007

How I Met Your Mother

If you don't watch How I Met Your Mother, let me tell you, you should...

And now you can, at your convenience. One of the BEST episodes (the "slap bet" episode), is on the HIMYM official MySpace page, in its entirety. You can also watch the "World's Greatest Couple" episode there.

Watch it, it's funny.

Also, you really should be watching So You Think You Can Dance now. And I expect you to be catching up on Heroes over the summer (watch it online for free!), and of course Friday Night Lights, which is also available online here, and is being re-aired on Sunday nights on NBC.

Come on, people, get with it.

1 comment:

NOLADawn said...

I absolutely agree! I LOVE HIMYM!!! My favorite episode I think was the Limo Ride. And, of course, the "real" wedding was just too damn sweet.