Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings

I'm going to grad school! Yay, me! I went over to campus to take care of things for my graduate assistantship and it was so weird to be there... There were students everywhere, it must have been an end-of-the-semester test day because people were studying all over the place. They all looked so young and fresh-faced... and happy! Silly little things! But the weirdest was the way I felt just being on campus. Like this was exactly the thing I was supposed to be doing. I didn't feel nervous about changing careers, or anxious about making enough money... I just felt like everything was exactly right. You'd think being surrounded by people ten years younger than me (okay, fourteen years younger) would make me feel old, but I felt younger! And bouncier! And... just... it was good. I'm excited. I have to go buy some notebooks and pink erasers and a new backpack. :) I'm kidding. Sort of. But I might really need a new palm pilot, right?

I just watched the first episode of "3 Lbs." It's one of the things I started recording so I'd have something to watch while I'm home during the day. I liked it! I'm going to watch the next two (that have already aired) online and I'll probably start recording it. I like Stanley Tucci especially. I keep waiting for him to say, "looking for Mr. Sneller. Mr. Edwin F. Sneller." It's probably good that I found a new show, because "The Nine" has been cancelled. They're going to air the final episodes in the spring so we can find out what happened. That sucks. I liked that show.

I got a big fat catalog from Target in the mail today. That's just mean and hateful. It's my favorite place and they're taunting me...

Am I the only person who didn't realize that Adrian Pasdar ("Heroes") is married to Natalie Maines (the Dixie Chicks)? How did I not know that?

I just found, airing on INHD2, Earth, Wind & Fire live in concert with Chicago. Together. In concert. Live. And that? Tewtelly rocks. I love me some horns.

I read in US Weekly that Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor, and Joseph Fiennes all went to school together. All I have to say to that is, Oh. My.

The Tigers fell in the polls after their loss to Georgia Tech last week. They're still #14 in the AP poll though. Tonight we play Arkansas State... and it's time for a little payback. I know it's a different sport, but I'll take my revenge wherever I can get it! If you're in the Memphis area you can watch it on channel 30 tonight at 7pm. If you're not in the Memphis area... then you have to wait until December 6 when they play Tennessee on ESPN2. Speaking of that game, I think a little revenge of a different sort might be on the line... Go Tigers!

And? Let's finish with some cuteness.... Doesn't it make you wanna snuggle?


Sarah said...

AAAAAHHHH!!! Kittens! So cute! Dying of cuteness. What are you going to grad school for? I wish I had an assistantship. Unfortunately, there are 3 million people in the teaching program where I go, and they don't offer it for this degree. Hmph.

Neila said...

Daniel, Ewan and Joseph?! Wow! I never had luck like that when I was in school!

Good luck on the grad school!! If you ever decide to do Passion parties, you could make a lot of money off of all the horny college students! ;-)

Matt said...

Nice! You're going to grad school! Which program are you entering?

I happened to get a grad school application in the mail today. Maybe it's a sign I should go back to school too?

slackermommy said...

Oooh, I would love to snuggle with those kitties. I wish we could have a cat but hubby and my son are allergic. We are still greiving the one we gave up when we found about my son's asthma. My neighbor's son took him so we still get to see pictures and updates on how he's doing.

Morgen said...

good gods, woman! I just adopted another cat and you throw kitten pictures in my face!
you should be covered in tuna juice and merlin-licked for that!

Seriously, I'm SO excited for you to go back to school!
Is hubby supporting you???
Tell him he'd better, or you'll sic Merlin on him (sans SoftPaws!)

I really am excited for you!


Dixiechick said...

Oh yeah... those Memphis Tigers sure put the hurt on Arkansas State last night, didn't they...wooooooooooo GO TIGERS!!!!!

Congrats on graduate school...

Love the pics of the kittens. Don't let my daughter see them..LOL

NOLADawn said...

No Way!!! I love the Nine... ok now I'm really bummed, gotta find some chocolate. See what happens when you go to a conference and lose all touch with reality?

Congrats on Grad School, I am an eternal student... just finished my +30 in the summmer and am registered for two more classes in the Spring.