Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second Day

The good news is the time flew by today. Which is amazing because this is seriously the most boring job anyone ever created. But hey, I am quite pleased with it so far and I actually enjoyed getting up and getting dressed up the past two days. And the drive, even though it's twice as long as my old commute, is really quite easy because it's almost entirely expressway-- no stopping, just zoom zoom zoom... And I'm listening to my iPod again during the day, so I am catching up on some old podcasts I haven't listened to in a long while.

(side note: as I write this, Merlin is completely nipped out from the Christmas present his girlfriend Daphne sent him. He is so cuddly and sweet and purry when he's high. Well, after he crashes from the hyper-ness. Thank you Daphne and Morgen! Merry Christmas!)

My co-workers, for sake of identification, will be known as follows:

Bearded Guy: My age, quiet, but listening to everything, filing it away for future use.
Tall Guy: polite, super quiet.
Thin Girl: My age, cute, I like her clothes
Lady: Friendly, talkative.
Older Guy: older, career-changer, likes to share.


Desert Songbird said...

Funny how much you pick up in just two days. Guess that's because of the size of the office and the proximity with which you work to each other.

So, how temporary is this job? You mentioned contract -- is it a set time, or for a set case/project? I'm unfamiliar with the term "contract position" when it comes to lawyers. Or did I miss your explanation of this earlier? Could be -- my brain isn't functioning well since I caught this cold.

Matt said...

Hey, glad to hear your settling into your new job. I've fallen behind on some of your recent posts, but weren't you going back to school?

As it turns out, I just started my own new job today. I'm the newest sales/cashier/gopher at my local bookstore. It's a very casual, friendly job that's run by nice old ladies that always apologize for how "difficult" it to handle the busy holiday rush. Although last year I handled like 20 times the pressure at Niketown so it's actually quite relaxing.

Here's to the two of us at our new jobs!

Morgen said...

Glad you're getting settled in at the new job, and that you & thin girl are hitting it off. It's always nice to bond with at least one person in a new job situation.
Sometimes those people become lasting friends.
Of all the people I worked with at Target, the person who I am still good friends with is the person I went through management training with.
Glad to know you & Merlin got our Christmas present. I didn't even send out Christmas cards this year, but when you took the time to send me a Merlin Card -- well, a bit of my heart melted and that's what spurred me (and Daphne!) to mail y'all some holiday cheer!
Ho Ho Ho

ali said...

my god, i wish i could talk about people at work! :)

Sadie said...

desert: the job is for one big project. Should last a couple months. Contract attorney positions are usually for when a big lawsuit comes up or something like that, and the company doesn't need extra help permanently, just to get through something like that.

Matt: Yes, I'm going back to school, classes start Jan 16 I think. I will probably cut back on this job to part time and then I will be taking classes and working at the university as well. When it rains it pours! Congrats on your new job.

Mo, you're the best!

Ali: that's why I keep things somewhat anonymous. I'm probably risking getting busted, but I can't help it.

Katie said...

ok, so tell more about the tall guy. Does he have a ring??? Is he cute??? Would he like me??? Hook a sister up with some details!! I need a date! By the way- had a great time at dinner! I really need to spend more time with you and Mr. Incredible after the new year! I miss yall terribly!

Daphne said...

Hello Merlin's Mommy!
I'm glad you & my sweetie got our package!
Fa La La La Meow!
~ Daphne
Purrchance To Dream