Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, No. 13

Thirteen Random Things On My Mind

  1. The newest member of our family's arrival! Only two days til Merlin's little brother gets here!
  2. Project 365... I'm going to really notice each day that goes by. Learn about Project 365.
  3. It's back to school for me very soon! I'm looking forward to new notebooks and pens and clean, fresh, notebook paper. And reading, and learning, and meeting new people.
  4. I want to go see Dreamgirls. Has anyone seen it? Is it wonderful? Or disappointing? Will Mr. Incredible like it? I keep telling him that he will.
  5. I've had a crick in my neck for three weeks. Seriously. That's ridiculous. I'm glad I'm getting back the chiropractor.
  6. The Sugar Bowl was not as much fun as I thought it'd be. I thought LSU would win, but wow. And that kid, Keiland Williams? He was ridiculous! Did they slather him with Crisco? Cause nobody could hold onto him.
  7. Why am I awake at 3:30 in the morning? Why?
  8. Have you ever noticed how, when you can't sleep, you'll think of a million witty, clever blog topics and when you get out of bed and in front of the computer your brain goes blank? What is that about?
  9. I guess they'll never do a "Beauty and the Geek" with geeky girls and hot guys. But they should. That would be interesting. But maybe they need the sexy girls to draw in their demographic on that show. But I'd like to see the girls that know about robots hooking up with guys that have a suitcase full of hair products.
  10. What do you think of these preview windows? Like them? Hate them? Are they annoying or nifty?
  11. Thirteen things is turning out to be a lot of things. It's not Thursday Eleven? Really? Are you sure?
  12. The University of Memphis Tigers play the Cincinnati Bearcats tonight, it will air on ESPN at I think 8pm CT. Go Tigers! Read about it over on my Tiger blog.
  13. Whew! I made it to 13! Have a great Thursday, everybody.

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Raggedy said...

Your linkie wouldn't take me...
Good list!
I hope your neck feels better soon.
I have had those cricks aslo but not for that LONG!
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is posted even if mr linky doesn't like me...haha

Carmen said...

what's Merlin's little brother's name? How exciting. :)

Terri said...

Wishing you all the best on returning to school.
Have a great TT. Mine is also up.

Desert Songbird said...

Do not even speak to me about that darn Sugar Bowl. My Irish were rolled and smoked -- disgusting.

I think your Beauty and the Geek idea should be done. I might even watch that then.

I love new school stuff. Maybe that explains why I spent so many doggone years in school, LOL!

BTW, have that neck crick thing checked out. You might have pulled something and need physical therapy, or drugs even.

Caylynn said...

You must be so excited about LT's impending arrival. :) Do you have a new name for him?

Good luck with school - I've gone back to school as well, working on a Masters in Physiotherapy.

Happy TT. :)

Chickadee said...

Awww...that little kitten is ADORABLE!!!

My 13 are up.

Chris said...

I'm always envious of people who come up with good comments... ;-)

Turnbaby said...

I just added the snap previews. I think I like them. I too get brilliant ideas when I can't sleep and then they vanish.

Cool TT

Cecilia, The 2Bs & LT said...

Greaux Tigers. Go LSU! I hope you realise that LT is a Tiger (LSU Tiger) fan?

ali said...

i think i like the snap previews :)

Morgen said...

I'm so excited for you to get LT!
If you have insurance, have your neck checked. Until you go, try moist heat. (like a moist hand towel microwaved)

I must say that while I like snap dot com's ability to snap a picture of your website to apply where you want it, I am glad I didn't sign up for it everywhere. A little bit is cool.
But having a pop up of the comment box before you click on it -- do the snap people really think that's necessary?

Bond said...

cool list

umm beginning to hate the thingys

Skittles said...

I really agree with #8 & 11!!! Thanks for dropping by :)

Katie said...

I am doing 2 year long photo projects myself. One is on Flickr, it's 365 self portraits. The other I just started and is not online yet.

Happy Thursday, thanks for stopping by :)

scribbit said...

Yea, some days I'm just sweating to get to a whole thirteen. Maybe someone should rename it the Saturday Seven.

And BTW, nice pictures below, a handsome couple you make. :)

Dixiechick said...

GO TIGERS GO! Although is won't be the same as in years past.

I too can think of a million things wide eyed awake late at night, but come morning, you may as well forget it... I'm toast...

Nice to know there is another Memphis Tiger fan in the blog sphere and can appreciate my addiction.

Neila said...

I soooo wished you lived closer to me so we could go see Dreamgirls and stalk evil people together. ;-)

And #8 - freaking YES! Every damn night and it annoys the hell out of me. I need to keep pen and paper by my bed!