Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sadie's F.A.Q.

updated: 1/23/2013

Your roommate's name is Pebbles? Seriously?
No. Not seriously.  Which is why for the most part I now refer to her as "P." Also, she's not my roommate anymore, because I moved away from Colorado. :(

Why in heaven's name did you call your ex-husband Mr. Incredible? Is he that awesome or something? If so, why is he your EX-husband?
Updated answer 11/21/08: His awesomeness (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with it (clearly). I called him Mr. Incredible for two reasons. 1) I didn't want to use his actual name, and 2) He looks like Mr. Incredible. Seriously. More than one person commented on that before I had ever seen the movie. Of course, maybe we should choose something new. Or just not talk about him at all.

On your two links lists, what's the difference in "the stalkees" and "the peeps?"

"Sites I Stalk" are sites that I regularly, perhaps even obsessively, read. The sites in the list of my peeps are people whose blogs I read, that are also people that I either know in real life or have communicated with via email or we have mutually read and commented on each other's blogs long enough to have become a peep of mine. It doesn't mean that the bloggers I stalk aren't wonderful people, it's just that I am a fan of theirs and they don't know me from a bump on their asses.

Where have you been?
Updated answer 1/23/2013: Resting. Getting divorced. Getting married. Changing jobs. Doing lots of things. I've still been reading blogs, and I've been around. Just wasn't posting much.

You have a store? What's that about?
Often, when watching TV or talking with friends, someone would say something funny and I would say, "Someone should put that on a T-shirt!" So I did.

Your cats? Have a blog?
Yep. It started as Merlin's, but when Dobby joined the family, it seemed only fair that he should get to help. They're so busy napping and eating that they don't blog much anymore.  Or, really, ever.

Are you still unemployed?
No, not anymore. The job I got in December 2006 that was supposed to last a couple months lasted nine, just long enough for me to move to Colorado and start my new, permanent, job. Update 11/21/08: Which I then left. And now have a different new, permanent, job. That I may soon leave. Catch a pattern here? Yeah, me too. Update 5/20/2009:And now I have a different new, permanent job, back in the legal world. Update 9/23/2009: And now I'm in a different job. Sigh. It is permanent, but I hope to find something different soon. Updated 11/23/09: Dudes. New job! woot!  9/15/2010: New job. A real one, that I like. Yay! 1/23/2013: SAME JOB.  It's a miracle.

You only shave one leg a day? Really? Why?
The hair on my legs doesn't really grow fast enough to require daily shaving, really just every-other. So if I shave them BOTH every other day, on those days my shower is extra long. This way, I shave one leg per day and every shower takes the same amount of time. I shave the right leg on Monday (starting the week on the right foot), Wednesday, and Friday, the left on Tuesday and Thursday, and both legs on Saturday and Sundays. Update 11/21/08: This pattern can be different depending on how often my legs are bare and also if anyone else will see them. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. 1/23/2013: I shave both legs nearly every day now.  That way if I miss a spot it's no big deal b/c tomorrow I'll get it.

You know a lot about sports for a girl.
Um, yes I know some stuff about sports, especially college basketball. My girl-ness is not relevant. There are other women that know more than I do, and probably more than you do. So bite me. And them. My favorite team is, of course, the Memphis Tigers.

Wow, you watch a lot of television.
Yes I do.


morepinklessblue said...

Who knew you were so complex? Thanks for the insight :)

Bond said...

Cool list of questions... I love the "you know sports for a girl when did I land in 1950?

Gayle said...

I'm glad to see you back regularly. Somehow it seems like the world is better!