Monday, June 18, 2007

Manic Monday, Heat

Today's Manic Monday word:

Don't know why, but this is what came to mind when I was thinking about today's word.

A few years back (5? 6? Something like that) when Memphis was finally getting an NBA team, there was discussion about what we would call the team. It wasn't that long after the Houston Oilers had moved to Tennessee and changed their name, so I guess people thought that the Grizzlies would change their name too. They didn't. But anyway, I remember people suggesting names for the team, and the arena that would be built. We knew that FedEx would be sponsoring the arena and one of my favorite names suggested for it was "FedEx Hub," which I thought was clever, but apparently the powers that be disagreed (is that too inside? The Hub? Maybe only Memphis people who either worked or know someone that worked at the actual FedEx hub would find that particularly amusing) and named the building the far-less-funny FedExForum. But my absolute favorite suggestion for the team's new name was Memphis Humidity. Cause when they played the Miami Heat, we would finally answer the eternal question...

p.s., and absolutely not at all relevant for today's word, but when Memphis was trying to get the team, one of the competing cities was Louisville, Kentucky. KFC was going to have naming rights for their arena, and one of the names mentioned was KFC Bucket. I don't know if that was official, but I loved it.

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Neila said...

Memphis Humidity! LOL! I like that one.

I always thought Miami Heat was a weird name for a basketball team. What the hell is their mascot anyway?

Comedy + said...

Well, this is interesting. Didn't know any of this. Well I don't follow sports. Nice presentation on heat. Have a happy MM. :)

Morgen said...

The Memphis Humidity! LOL
I like the FedExHub best, too!

But laughing at the KFC bucket!
If the AC doesn't work there, you'll end up extra-crispy!

tegdirb92 said...

Wow, I'm a dummy at sports but that was great!! Happy manic Monday.

Jamie said...

Cute post. Just reading it brought on hot and sticky.

Desert Songbird said...

Yeah, but soon you'll be able to root for a whole new crop of teams!