Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings

You know, sometimes I wish I hadn't told so many people I know in real life about this blog. How am I supposed to blog about them if they're reading this? No, I'm not talking about you! Hee. ;)

I'm tired. I'm always tired! I know, Mom, I need to exercise... But I'm too tired to exercise! ;) Now that the weather's getting nice I'm really going to try. I'm going to take Max out for walks when I get home from work. That'll be good for both of us. Poor thing, he's got energy coming out his ears and nothing to do with it. Wish he could share some with me.

I've now watched "Brothers & Sisters" and "Jericho." Liked them both, surprisingly. I expected Calista Flockhart to get on my nerves more, and I didn't expect much out of Jericho at all... I also thought "The Class" had potential, but I reserve final judgment there.

Yesterday, while walking downtown, I saw a little old lady. Being the charming and polite thing that I am, I smiled and said, "Hello." She smiled back and said, "Hello, dahlin'." Then I put on my sunglasses, ready to go on my merry way, when she said, "Uh oh, secret agent!" I guess the combination of the sunglasses and the black suit was too much for her to take. As I walked down the street, she was still hollering, "Secret Agent! Secret Agent!"

And, finally, what has become a Wednesday Wanderings tradition: the cute kitty. Here is Kitty Smalls. Adorable.


Carmen said...

Try watching Heros. I think it might be my favorite fall tv show. :)

And a belated happy birthday to you

Lois Grebowski said...

LOL at Secret Agent Sadie!

That is just too funny! I can't help but think you're Will Smith's sidekick from Men in Black.

Hey, I may still have my MIB lunchbox from my work days...If I find it, I'll ship it to ya! LOL

Sadie said...

Carmen! I just watched Heroes and I LOVE it! Good show.

Lois, that would be hilarious. I didn't know whether to run or laugh.

Measi said...

Awww... that kitty belongs in my T13 from last week. :) Thanks for stopping by last Thursday. I'm sorry it took me a week to reciprocate. Please let me know if you do a T13 this week!