Friday, September 08, 2006

One More Again!

Maybe we should just forget about last weekend, you think? The first game doesn' t really count, does it? I don't think so. After all, this is the first HOME game, so that's the first one that truly matters. Right? You bet. This is the REAL Opening Game. I call a Do Over!

The Tigers face the UT-Chattanooga Mocs Saturday night. Not supposed to be much of a battle, I guess. But I'm not overconfident. I'm cautiously optimistic. After all, the past three years have been unusual for Tiger fans. We have been to bowl games for three straight years! I know this is hard for some people to understand, but it's a big accomplishment for the program. It has excited the fans, and now we've come to expect a winning season. But, what if we don't get one? I look back on many previous years of football-game-going, when winning was the exception rather than the rule, and remember that I just loved going to the games. Back then, a win, if it happened, was a glorious, unexpected bonus. Football games in themselves provided joy regardless of (or despite) the outcome. And I'm not giving up on the season, or conceding victory this game or any other. But just to honor the past, here are some non-football things to look forward to:


Mya Pinyan said...

That purse is adorable! Go Tigers.

Southern Girl said...

Oh, I love that purse! If only they made the paws orange and more blue tick hound shaped. ;)