Friday, September 01, 2006


Here come the Tigers baby.

Oxford? Shmoxford.
Rebels? Schmebels.
Grove? Shmove.

This ESPN loser picked Mississippi, but Geoff Calkins picked the Tigers to win, and that's enough for me. (Don't look Vols fans, they both picked Cal).

Either way, I'm excited. It's September! It's time for football! It's even cooled down to a mere 85 degrees around here (that's downright Autumn-ish) so we won't be having any heat advisories for game day. I got earrings, a bracelet, and a toe ring with little blue paw prints. I'm even going to wear a skirt (albeit denim) just to honor Ole Miss and its "dress code." I got new blue shoes, folks. They're not stilettos, though, I'm not going that far. These are Tiger Blue sneaks and I'm wearing them all season (unless we lose on Sunday, in which case the unlucky shoes will be banished).

The best part is that football season, win or lose, is upon us. It's time for tailgating and trash talking. It's time for Marching Bands (go band!) and fight songs. It's time for football. And I can't wait. GO TIGERS GO!


Anonymous said...

Even though our blood runs different colors we are both TN girls who love football. I say let the games begin :)


Southern Girl said...

Wooooo! I'm ready for some football! Actually, I got started already last night with Miss. State and South Carolina. I'm not a big fan of MS State, but I'll root for anybody playing a Steve Spurrier coached team. ;)

And I'll be cheering for the Tigers, even if I did go to grad school at Ole Miss. All bets are off when they play my beloved Vols though!


Alex said...

: )

andria said...

I was going to post about college football today as well, nothing makes me happier than a good Saturday in front of the tube unless it's actually going to a live game.