Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings

Blogger's block stinks. How can I have so many words and not be able to think of some to put in a post? So here are some of the random things that have been floating around in my head this morning.

I like the smell of cinnamon coffee better than the taste of it, I think.

So far, I like Meredith Viera on TODAY. I only saw the first half of the show this morning, but she didn't bug me. I did not like the new set, however. It was too modern and space-age for me. AND there were new time/temp graphics in the lower right hand corner that were too small and hard to read from bed through sleepy eyes.

Yesterday Mr. Incredible and I traded cars for the day, cause Bruiser gets better gas mileage. Back in Bruiser this morning, I realized that I left my parking card in Harriet. Hope someone will let me out of the parking garage today.

Britney Spears had another baby boy yesterday. This scares me.

Merlin likes to save things in his food dish for later use. His little mouse toy, pieces of plant that he's been playing with, anything he finds that he likes will end up stored there. Last night when I went to refill the dish I found a dead bug amongst the food pellets the remained from the day. It was some sort of flying thing (well, it had been). Looked like a wasp-ish critter. I threw it away, I couldn't bear to leave it there. I hope he's not too sad today when he goes to play with it and he can't find it.

I think I'll make meatloaf for dinner. That would be good.

This Memphis Tiger key-holder thing (which you can get here) is awesome. The weight of the keys keeps the hook on the edge of my purse and I never have to dig through my bag looking for my keys anymore! Love it. If you're not into the Tigers (you weirdo) that same site has a TN Vols version, and you can get a bunch of different non-university designs here.

Special K cereal bars are really good. Especially the vanilla crisp flavor.

That's about it, I think my brain is otherwise empty. Except for isn't this kitty super-cute? See more photos of her here.


Southern Girl said...

Hey! I resemble that weirdo remark! ;)

That kitty is adorable -- I want to zurburt her tummy!

Anonymous said...

Trying again...cannot post comments to your blog for some reason. Andria

Anonymous said...

OK, cannot use my blogger id to post comments on your blog. What is up with that?

Anyway, I am such a sad sort because I tivoed Today this morning just to catch Meredith and see how it turned out. She did all right, a little nervous, to be expected filling Katie's shoes. We all remember what happened to Deborah Norville.

Now Rosie on the View is another story. It's gonna hit the fan their soon, I can just tell. Andria

Julie said...

OMG, cutest kitten EVER!!! Makes me wish I wasn't allergic... :-( I'm gonna go sulk in the corner now...