Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, No 4

Thirteen of Sadie's Favorite Songs
to Wake Up and Get Moving
  1. "Home" by Marc Broussard

  2. "Switch" by Will Smith
  3. "Outrageous" by Britney Spears (don't laugh)
  4. "Faded" by Soul Decision
  5. "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard
  6. "Ohio (Come Back to Texas)" by Bowling for Soup
  7. "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake
  8. "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC
  9. "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5
  10. "Save a Horse" by Big & Rich
  11. "Disease" by Matchbox Twenty"Leave the Pieces" by The Wreckers
  12. "Good Day" by Luce
  13. "As Good as I Once Was" by Toby Keith

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Laura said...

a pretty cool plylist there.
my tt is up now.

Janet ( said...

2 & 8 I love too!

Knitting Maniac said...

# 5 BABY! I sang that in high school... with a vibrato. And was highly made fun of.

Happy TT!

Southern Girl said...

Those are all new to me!

My TT is up, too.

KrajciMama said...

Nice list ~ I love music to help me get going, too. However, I've been listening to the same music for the past 4 or 5 years (probably not...but it feels like it) I only knew 5 songs on your list!

Have a great Thursday! I'm up ~ come check it out!

Vicky said...

Embarrassing, but I dont know the songs on your list!! Have to comment that I adore the hysterical photo of the cat with the peel on its head in your profile section!!

Carmen said...

i'm liking your list! Matchbox 20 is probably my fave. But I workout to Def Lepard all the time. :)

SurrenderDorothy said...

#13 gets me everytime.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cheysuli said...

The woman rarely listens to music upon getting up. I think it's too noisy for her. She really needs to get out more!

ali said...

great list! i have a little eensy weensy crush on justin timberlake and i actually really like that song. :)

JO said...

great list!

mine is up too.

The Schooligan said...

I would never laugh at Britney Spears. I think Toxic is one of the best songs EVER. :-)

Dane Bramage said...

Interesting playlist. I can't say I have heard all of them.

Thanks for stopping by my T13 #12 13 Stress Relievers Edition

Jenny Ryan said...

I love Bowling For Soup and Maroon 5 too!

Brony said...

That is an interesting mix of music.
Happy TT. Mine is up Too.

Zeus said...

"Save a Horse" is shall I put this...CLASSIC!

I only wish I were a cowboy now...

Happy Thursday to you, and thank you for visiting my list today, Miss Sadie!

Jennifer said...

#9 & #13 are two of my absolute favorites!!! I love all kinds of music too. Thanks for sharing.

DKRaymer said...

Great list! Will Smith, AC/DC & Matchbox 20 - all favorites. Happy TT!

Tina said...

I love Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5. I haven't listened to that for a long time though.

Great list! :D Happy Thursday!

amy said...

Great songs!!!!! the memories!

Denise said...

Cool songs!

I use Mr. Linky for my's free and automatic.

Homeperm said...

i so agree with justin. rock yr body puts a spring in my step when i'm getting ready in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Pour Some Sugar on me always puts me in a good mood. andria