Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Fun

1. When you are having a slow morning, is there a particular song that gets you going?
There are Thirteen!

2. What is your favorite kind of music?
I like all different kinds. Especially country, and lately I've been listening to a lot of Amos Lee, Josh Kelley, Norah Jones, and stuff from "Grey's Anatomy." Whatever "kind" that is.

3. What is the last song you heard?
"Tragedy" by Brandi Carlisle.

4. Do you and your significant other have A Song? What is it and why?
It is "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones. Cause that's what I did.

5. Do certain songs bring back memories for you? Give us an example!!
Oh yeah. "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns N Roses reminds me of a dance I went to in 9th Grade. "Mr. Bartender" by Sugar Ray reminds me of a trip to Destin in 2003. And "Home" by Marc Broussard reminds me of moving back to Memphis last year.

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Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Sadie. Just wanted to let you know you've been named Peace Blogger of the Day for March 30, 2007 on Mimi Writes and BlogBlast for Peace.

Keep bloggin' little kitty......