Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings

I don't know if Wednesday Wanderings is going to become a regular thing or what, but today I don't have anything specific to talk about, so I thought I'd clean out my brain again.

Why would someone think it was a good idea to tell me that my newly-blonde hair makes me look washed out? That I need to go get a tan now? Why? What made her think that was appropriate? I guess she was just being "helpful." Gum-popping Beyotch.

This morning I saw a commercial for Boniva, the osteoporosis drug. Sally Field talks about her poor friend that has to take time out once a week to take her drug, and how Boniva is better because it's only once a month. This makes me curious. Does this friend not take any other medications? Not even a multi-vitamin? Is it that big of a deal to take one extra pill once a week? I take a handful of pills every day, it wouldn't be an inconvenience to toss an extra in there. If those medicines require some extra procedure that truly makes it a hassle, somebody let me know. [Edited to add: Thanks to the Meezer Mom for leaving a comment and clearing up the facts for me. Makes a lot more sense now!]

You know, I was blonde before. I've been blonde for more of my adult life than I've been brunette. Nobody ever thought it made me look washed out. In fact, I think it was the darker hair that made my skin look sallow. I even said so, but nope, she disagrees, I look worse now. Whatever.

I've loved the name Sutton since Sutton Foster won the Tony for Thoroughly Modern Millie. It's been on my list of possible future baby names for a while. Does this mean I have redneck taste? I guess I will drop that one from consideration.

Like I'm gonna go get a tan. At the end of September? When I haven't been in a tanning bed in years? I'm gonna go now? What?

The difference in my two bosses: Boss #1 walks past my office saying "Good Morning," does a double take, comes back, and examines my hair. He asks if it's my natural color, or closer to my natural color than the brunette was. He tells me its a good color for me, not that the brunette was a bad color. He then proceeds to his own office after brewing himself a cup of coffee. Boss #2 walks directly to my office door, listing off tasks (he must have been thinking about it in the car) like they're The Most Crucial Things In the World, using his this-is-very-important tone of voice. He then marches down the hall to his own office, where he buzzes the receptionist and asks her to bring him a cup of tea. He has seen me three times today and still no "Good Morning" or other pleasantry (and no mention of the hair).

That's all I got now. But I will share one of my favorite Daily Kittens, Peshky. He looks so comfy and sweet, I want to squish him. I bet he wouldn't tell me to go get a tan.


mschaffe said...

Meezer Mom here! Hi Sadie! Yeah, every time I lighten my hair (i've been over 70% gray since I was 18!! so now I'm blonde too) my mom feels the need to tell me i'm too pale.
Also, about the Boniva. My mom was taking the once a week pill and now takes Boniva. She actually has to set aside 2 hours in the morning to take it as there are "rules" about taking it - not taking any other meds, certain foods, certian liquids. Must remaind standing or sitting or some such nonsense. Then, after 2 hours, she has to take her thyroid medication, which is a daily medication and cannot be taken within 2 hours of any other medication. So, by the time lunch time rolls around, she can take the rest of her morning medications. But the once a month Boniva is better than the once a week thing, because she could not even schedule dr appointments for Mondays becuase of the medication schedule.

Denise said...

I always look washed out no matter what color my hair has been...and it has been MANY colors! LOL

Elaine said...

Hi, this is Luxor's mom! Around 4 or so years ago, I stopped coloring my hair entirely, so for about 3 yrs my hair was partially brown and partially a silvery color. I looked *ridiculous! :) Finally all the brown grew out and now my hair's mostly silvery with darker undertones. You would not believe how many people (strangers) stop me to ask, "Is that your natural hair color? It's so pretty ..." (And I think to myself, "I'm going to color my hair GREY?") Teehee. But I've gotten to the point where I just say thanks.

As for Boniva (or Fosamax, etc.), my doctor has been trying to make me take this stuff for 2 yrs now. For some reason the very thought would make me feel panicky and I'd conveniently forget every weekend to take it. Now it turns out (I was reading this the other day) that it does build bone; however, that bone is brittle and can break easier than if you hadn't taken anything! (I don't know how true this is.)

Anyway, I feel like I'm writing a book here, but I went to a holistic doctor here in town after reading the book _Perfect Bones_ and now I'm taking Standard Process Cal-Ma-Plus 3 times a day. At least it doesn't make me feel panicky!

Bye for now ...