Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Well, I told DeAngelo Williams to step it up. Last night he did. He got the start last night on Monday Night Football with DeShaun Foster injured. With the Panthers struggling, it was really a great opportunity for him to make his mark, and come to the rescue. He did a great job, making some great runs and scoring a touchdown. I was very excited for him. But it wasn't enough. The Panthers couldn't hold off the Eagles. Maybe I'm a jinx on them too.

But just this one thing.

Here on the left we have Eagles' quarterback Jeff Garcia. On the right, Toby from "The Office." Separated at birth?

I think so.

If anybody needs a list of the bowl games, here's one you can use.

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Desert Songbird said...

The ONLY part of MNF that I saw was the DeAngelo TD run that broke the 14-14 tie. Thereafter I was away from the tv -- CAN'T BELIEVE IT. So, I didn't actually know that your Panthers couldn't get it done. So sorry.

Don't watch "The Office" -- can see the resemblance between Garcia and the actor -- freaky.