Monday, December 04, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Don't forget! "The Closer" is airing a special 2 hour movie tonight at 7pm CT, and they're repeating the episode at 9pm CT. It's also on tomorrow night. The new season doesn't start til next summer. I love Brenda Lee Johnson. "Thank you!"

I love that Beyonce's horn section is three women. Girl power! If I had only known, I wouldn't have switched from sax to flute back in junior high.

We went to see "Casino Royale" this weekend. It was pretty good, the chase scenes went a little long, though. I don't mind looking at Daniel Craig without his shirt on, so there's that.

The Tigers play tonight. Read about it on my Tiger blog.

Favorite Football names Holiday edition: Ebenezer Ekuban Bah Humbug!

Merlin loves the Christmas tree. He has never been one for lying on his back, exposing his belly (unless I'm rubbing it at the time). But he loves to lie on his back and look up at the tree. I wish I could fit under there with him, I bet it's a nice view!


Morgen said...

I ♥ Merlin's under the tree tummy!

Any progress on the LT front?

Desert Songbird said...

Thanks for the reminder about The Closer. I set up my DVR to record it, but I want to see it soon. I love Brenda Lee.

My favorite episode was when Provenza found the body in his garage - classic!

Southern Girl said...

I love that shot of Merlin! We'd never find Pumpkin on her back under the tree...she's too busy running under it and sliding on the silky tree skirt, leaving it all askew. :)

Bond said...

cute picture.. not a Closer fan.. sowwry

Sarah said...

That is way cute. Luckily I will never find out in what ways my cat would manage to destroy a tree, because we're not getting one.