Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ridiculous Weather

This weather is making me lose my Christmas spirit. I know, I know... it's beautiful and sunny and nice, blah blah blah. Even you snow-haters (Morgen, I'm looking at you) might appreciate the sunny clear skies, but come on. SEVENTY degrees? In mid-December? Seriously?

I do reserve the right to change my mind about winter weather after I spend some time at my in-laws in Northern Michigan. At the end of December. But until then?

This. This is what I want. I don't want to drive in it, and I don't want to have dig myself out or anything. Just for a few days. Just ONCE. Please?


andria said...

I want the same's warm here today and supposed to be through next week, so a green Christmas for us.

Have fun in Michigan. Play in the snow for me.

Dixiechick said...

*starts to hum*

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.

I want one too!!!! Have fun in Michigan and have a safe trip.


Morgen said...

Are you lookin' at me?
You're lookin' at me???

Ha -- guess what? We've been in the 50°s all week, so all our snow is melted up here in the arctic circle -- er, I mean Michigan.
;apf98wef <--- that was Chloe saying Hi
(I distracted her with a piece of candy -- don't worry, it's wrapped. She's playing with it, not eating it, but it got her on the floor between my feet instead of trying to sit on my fingers as I typed)
where was I... oh yeah, no snow here either.
It's 50° in Michigan in December, and I saw a woman today in shorts and flip flops. WTF? It's not Memphis, lady, it's still Michigan in December!!!

Well, I'm rambling. This is why I don't blog at night (but I couldn't sleep) I took 2 AdvilPM and it made me wider awaker. Lee's snoring drove me to consider justifiable homicide, so I decided that I needed to get out of the bedroom for a while.

Dreaming of a white Christmas (yes, EVEN me)