Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I swear I'm not going to pimp my sister's blog constantly, but my niece is the cutest kid ever.

Well, the Panthers won last night, but DeAngelo better step it up. I know he hadn't played in like a month, but... Dude. This ain't playtime.

NBC has placed "Six Degrees" on the mysterious hiatus status. Why don't they just say it was cancelled? I liked that show. I'm really loving "Heroes," though, so if you don't watch it and you're looking for something, I highly recommend it.

OMG! Rosie O'Donnell just sang "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady!" Following the story about how Iman told her NOT to name her baby Sadie. Harumph. Update: this was an old story, about the daughter that Rosie named Chelsea instead of Sadie. No new baby that I know of.


andria said...

Is Rosie having another baby?

I always liked the name Sadie, had a student once named Sadie and was hooked on it ever since. It was on my short list of girl names (as if) and then my sister went and named her dog Sadie. Could've killed her. So I countered and named my cat Phoebe just for her.

Morgen said...

I remember that Rosie wanted to name Chels "Sadie" when she adopted her.
I think both Chelsea & Sadie are wonderful names.
As far as I know (and You know I'm a rabid Rosie fan) she & Kelli have no plans for any more kids.


Karla said...

I like the name Sadie too!

Blessings, Karla

Bond said...

See have not been here long enough to root for local teams...still following my teams back home!

ali said...

i love the name sadie but i ALWAYS think of Sadie Frost.

Neila said...

I didn't know Rosie almost named her daughter Sadie. I like that better than Chelsea.

I never watched Six Degrees. I wanted to watch it, but I had to limit the new show intake. I am REALLY getting into Heroes! I didn't realize there was going to be someone with a new talent every week!

I'm upset there are only two Prison Breaks left before the fall hiatus. I was going to post a PB recap today, but if I put one more picture of Went on my blog, I think my husband will divorce me.

scribbit said...

I just got together with TWO ladies who have little girls they named Sadie. Cutest ever.

Mya Pinyan said...

I am very irritated about the hiatus thing. I'd chosen "Six Degrees" over "The Nine," though the latter is still on DVR, and now "Six" is gone. Also gone is "Justice" LawDaddy couldn't save the show. I hate it when shows are gone. I really hate it though, when one of my shows goes away, but I don't even notice it for a few weeks. Is that a sign I have too many shows?

Dixiechick said...

wooooooooooooo Tomorrow night Tiger Basketball season starts... woooooooooooooooo

*sings* I'm so excited.. that I just can't hide it, I'm 'bout to loose control.... ;-)